3D Nail Art Design Lily Style Flower Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

3D Nail Art Design Lily Style Flower Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

For this 3D design, we're going to do moreof a lily style flower and some longer leaves.

This time I'm actually going to pick up threecolours with my brush, so I'm going into my white, then into my lilac,then into my purple.

Still taking that liquid out of the back ofthe bead before you place it on the nail.

Take the liquid out of your brush and wait for this bead to turn to a matte consistency.

Now we're going to pull it to a point first sothat we get a longer petal.

Check to see if that bead is ready – pressit, if it bounces back it's not quite ready and then you're going to press that centre out.

Same again, three colours on your brush, liquid out the back, place the bead on.

Bring it to a point while it's still wet.

Make sure all that liquid is out of that brush.

Test your bead until it's ready to press.

Bring it to a point while it's still a littlebit wet, press your bead until you know it's ready.

So, now we're going to do some more petalson the inside of this.

Again we're still picking up three coloursbut a slightly smaller bead.

Then on to the centre bead, again three colours,liquid out the back, wait for that bead to set.

We are going to do some longer leaves now.

So again I'm going to use three colours, whiteand two different greens.

Liquid out the back, place it on and straight away start to stretch that bead.

Ninety degree angle into a doughnut shapeand then press the sides out.

Press that leaf out a little bit and then in with your metal tool to create your veins.

And I'll do another leaf at the other side: so again, three colours and take the liquid out, pull it to a point while it's still wet, wait for it to set a little bit.

Test it again, if it bounces back wait, press it out and then use your tool to press your leaves in and that's that nail done.

Source: Youtube