Art Gallery | Episode 20 | Middlemarch: The Series

Art Gallery | Episode 20 | Middlemarch: The Series

[Episode 20 – Art Gallery] So a couple days ago, I was talking to Celia when I interrupted her and Jamie doing some sort of challenge or something.

Anyways, she was worried that too much of the footage was kind of a downer and I happen to agree, so today you are accompanying me and my very sophisticated gentleman friend Edward Casaubon to.

– Dorothea I remember you had mentioned not planning to watching any of the footage for your documentary until the end of the year.

I was just wondering, because of you know idle curiosity, whether that was still your plan.

– Yeah I uploaded everything to my hard drive without even looking at the files so I actually have no idea what– Good.


– We're at an art gallery! Okay, so this is all work done by students at Lowick.

I would say mostly like juniors and seniors, but I don't know.

I haven't taken many art classes but I thought it would be fun if we came and saw them.

So all of this is student work.

– I can see that.

It's all printed! That's repeated!- Yeah, it's a repeated pattern.

– But that's- – I like that one.

It kind of looks like water.

Okay, now, what do you think of this one? – I mean it's fine.

It's not ugly, but I don't I don't really get it.

It's just like- the texture looks complicated.

– I know! It's like 3D! It's so cool.

– Most of them are your friends, right? So it's nice of you to support them.

I guess that was an interesting idea.

– And mountains! Look! – Ehh, I kinda see it.

I just, like, what's- What do you mean it's like teal? Why is this one on the floor? – Uhhh, not sure.

Must have been where someone wanted it.

– Should I put it back up? Am I allowed.

?- No, no don't.

Hey! – Oh, hey! – Yeah, sorry.

It's just– No, it's fine.

Ummm, it's Dorothea, right? – I mean, umm, most people call me Dot.

You can call me Dot.

– Oh, awesome! Okay.

– Billie, will you introduce me to this beautiful creature? – Dot, this is my unnecessarily dramatic roommate, Adele Naumann.

– Adele, this is Dot Brooke, my cousin's girlfriend.

– Oh, wow! – Umm, so this is for the documentary you're making, right?- Yeah, I'm actually impressed you remembered.

– Oh, Billie forgets nothing.

– Thanks, Adele.

– Actually, I know this might be a weird request but if you wanted to film for it, I have a couple extra cameras I picked up from the media center– I'm in! – And I won't watch any of the footage until the end of the year.

– I am totally in.

Hello, camera.

– Hello, Casaubon.

– Umm, hello Billie.

Hello, Adele.

– Well I guess I'd better get going, but when do you want me to get you that camera? – Well, actually I have an extra camera.

It's really nice.

I never use it.

– Oh my gosh, thank you.

That's- that'd be great.

Thanks, Adele.

– Yeah.

– That work?- Just drop off the footage whenever.

– Okay, will do.

– See you soonish.

– All right, bye!.

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