Art Happens: Discover Joe Orton, the man behind the drama

Art Happens: Discover Joe Orton, the man behind the drama

My nameis Kenneth Cranham.

50 years ago, my first West End appearancewas in Joe Orton's play, Loot at the Criterion.

This summer, the National Justice Museum needs your helpto create a special exhibition to celebrate the extraordinary lifeof Joe Orton and mark the 50th anniversaryof the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Joe Orton is one of Britain's leading post-war playwrights and a gay icon.

His anarchic black comedies helped to define the Swinging Sixties.

Mine and Joe's life became entwined.

And the beginning of my career as an actor was totally dominatedby my association with Joe and his work.

Joe and his partner, Kenneth,each went to prison for six months for defacing library books.

I would have been delighted to have taken out one of those books.

They really were a mischievous duo.

The exhibition will display some of Joe's personal items – his Morocco diary and archival material from the University of Leicester's Joe Orton archive.

It will also feature my own collages and newly commissioned artworkby Joe's nephew, artist David Lock.

David will produce a large-scalecollage installation and three paintings which will explore masculinityin the process of identity formation.

In 30 days, we need to raise £10,000to commemorate Joe, a great talent cut off in his prime.

Thank you so much for your support.

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