Arts Administration

Arts Administration

Our bachelor's degree in Arts Administration is the only one of it's kind in the Lehigh Valley, which is really exciting because it takes the passion of arts and creativity and those things that you're really interested in like visual arts, painting, drawing, film, digital media.

All of those wonderful things that you can focus on and then you have that other business side that you can kind of incorporate and you understand how the business works, how to promote a business.

Even if you go into Art Administration and you're not really sure which field you want to take whether it be running a gallery, being a curator at a historical museum, helping with an art museum, there's so many places you can get your hands into with volunteering, interning, maybe even working.

The Lehigh Valley is an amazing place for an Arts Administration degree because of the internship opportunities.

Art Administration is the perfect synthesis of arts and business.

Source: Youtube