Basic Leather Working : How to Utilize the Layering Technique in Leather Working

Basic Leather Working : How to Utilize the Layering Technique in Leather Working

Okay, so one thing you need to think aboutwhen you're working in 3D is, what is the sort of front to back layering of your design?So, what I mean by that is, let's look at my little skeleton with his glass of beerand his sombrero on and he's got a little syrup down his shoulder.

Even though at theend of the day, this is kind of a flat piece of work, there is still some kind of layeringthat's going on here.

In other words, the syrup is kind of on top of his shoulder, sothat's kind of a layer above that.

His fingers are above the glass of beer because they'rein front, so that's going to be a layer above.

His hat is kind of, the brim of his hat especiallyare a layer above the skull because it would be closer to you.

The collar of his ponchohere is, would be kind of a layer above.

So this is just kind of thinking about kind ofworking in 3D almost like a sculptor would.

So the reason this matters is because whenyou're doing a design, so here's kind of this simple little, kind of flower I kind of carvedout.

You want to think about, okay which layers are going to be closest to you and those aregoing to be the ones you bevel first, and then you work, you basically work front toback.

So, let's say I was working with this design and I wanted these two leaves hereto be closest to me.

I'm going to do the beveling on those leaves first, that is to say, I'mgoing to continue with my beveling tool to bevel out this entire leaf before I ever getto something that, in the 3D arrangement that is behind that leaf, okay? So, in other words,in this design, if I wanted these two leaves to be in front, I would do them first andthen lets see, I kind of wanted this sort of flower and maybe this little curve herebehind to be the next layer, so that would be the next set of beveling that I did.

Thenlet's see, and then finally I want these little, tiny leaves, maybe in the back, to be thelayer that's fur, fur, closest to the leather in kind of the 3D arrangement.

So those wouldbe the ones we would do last.

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