Bold Floral Nails for Spring! [No Tool Nail Art]

Bold Floral Nails for Spring! [No Tool Nail Art]

Hi guys! It's Sandi and if you follow me onsocial media, then you'll know that I just got back from Fashion Week in Toronto thanksto StyleHaul! I was backstage with Essie and had the opportunity to see a lot of awesomelooks being creating for the runway.

There was makeup, hair, and of course my favorite,nails! I met up with Essie Canada's Lead Nail Artist Rita Remark and was able to share someof her nail designs for the runway with you guys on Instagram.

In today's video I'll be sharing with youa tutorial on the nail look that I wore this week.

Now that Spring has arrived I wantedto wear a bright and bold floral print that's easy to do.

So I created this washed florallook with no tools and added studs over it to compliment this season's trend of gold-intensivejewelry.

To begin, start off with a base coat to protectyour natural nails.

The names of all the polishes I'm using today can be found in the descriptionbox below.

Next paint your nails using a light blue polish.

I really love pastel colors for spring and they create a gorgeous background for nailart right now.

Then choose a deep lilac polish and use thebrush to add some random big spots for flowers over the nail.

There's no need to be overlyprecise– this is a washed floral look.

It's fun and a little more abstract.

Just add 2-3flowers over your nail and then move on to a neon purple polish and two or three moreflowers over the nail.

It looks best if you overlap one or two of the flowers insteadof having them evenly spaced out.

Now choose a neon green polish and swipe thebrush two or three times in open spaces to create some leaves.

Finally take a reallydark green or a black polish and wipe most of the polish off of the brush and then usethe corner of it to dab little centres inside the flower shapes.

Finish off your new nail look with a fastdrying top coat to seal in your design and add a beautiful shine! Optionally you can choose to randomly add2 or 3 golden nail studs into the top coat that you just used.

If you do this, rememberto add a second layer of top coat to help the studs last as long as possible.

And that's it! If you decide to give thisnail art design a try, then please share your recreations with me on Twitter & Instagramusing the hashtag #cutepolish or on the new cutepolish app! It's free and the downloadlinks will be in the description box below.

Take care and I'l see ya next time!.

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