Carnation Flower Nail Art

Carnation Flower Nail Art

Carnation Nail Art Carnation flower nail art materials Base Gel, tapjel Color Gel: red, white, and green brush Gel cleanser and paper towels Base Gel Apply the gel base.

Curing: Curing causes the nails to gel nail lamp.

White Gel Apply the gel on the entire nail white.

Curing Please fill the white Gel once more.

Curing Color Gel: red, white Five brush Please use the red gel to draw the petals.

Line Brush Using a brush, line, drawing in more detail, please carnation petals.

Curing Please mixture of red and white gel gel.

Draw a petal with a mixed gel.

Here, Draw shorter than the red petals.

Curing Put more white to put mixed gels, please mix.

Please draw the petals shorter than the previous one.

Curing Please fill once more.

(The last part of a green petals) Curing Use the red and white, and put the gel mix, please express more clearly the petals.

Curing Green Gel Using green gel, Draw the stem and calyx.

Curing Tapjel Apply the tapjel.

Curing Gel Cleanser Clean your nails using a gel cleanser.

complete! Thank you.

Let's meet again!.

Source: Youtube