Danielle Moore – Art Director

Danielle Moore – Art Director

I love traveling.

It’s a little bit like research.

As an art director, I get to create the scene.

Similar to what a director does in a movie.

[Love that top!] We chose Palm Springs as a location because we wanted to contrast rough desert sand with these metallic flares of light and texturesin the clothing.

[Oh my god! That looks amazing!] They have very cool dome architecture that we’re not able to get in a lot of other places.

[Beautiful!] When the camera starts going, everybody getsinto this work mode and there are very specific jobs for every person on set.

[Those earrings are great.

] [OW! No, I'm just kidding.

] A photographer, a stylist, makeup artist.

Even the model has a vision of how she wantsto present herself.

[Woah! I love that!] I started my career in New York City and movedto San Francisco about three years ago.

It’s a great opportunity to sort of be bicoastal.

I travel about once a month for work and when I travel the locations we choose are not always easy to get to.

When I arrived at National I was already thinkingabout how I want to make this shoot super cool and fun for everyone involved.

When I saw the red car, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to bring a little bit more excitement to the shoot.

The upgrade was clearly marked, so it was effortless.

Everything about my job is extremely visual, so showing up in an awesome car is going to affect everybody on set.

As an art director, my team is extremely special to me.

You need people who jive with you creatively,and it can be really hard to find that.

So once you do, you sort of latch on.

[Dude! We killed it!] Not only do we create an amazing project together, but we also enjoy each other’s company and get inspired by one another.


Source: Youtube