Drawing STRANGE Characters  – Paper Folding Art Game!

Drawing STRANGE Characters – Paper Folding Art Game!

– Hi art friends.

– [Adam] Hello art friends.

– We're gonna play alittle paper game today.

– [Adam] Yeah.

– But I wanna eat first so if you can just give me like two seconds.

– [Adam] Have all this yummy food.

– [Steph] I've got a reallybig chocolate cake here.

– [Adam] I got a croissant.

– [Steph] And I needto put it in my mouth.

– [Adam] What are you doing? – I've got some printer paper.

– [Adam] We're breaking outthe good stuff for this one.

– Oh yeah, I wonder if any of you guys have ever played this game? So basically one personlike draws the head.

– Okay.

– And then you like fold it over.

– Oh yeah.

– [Steph] And the next persondraws like view of a torso.

Then like the hips andthe top part of the legs.

Then the bottom part, stufflike the shins and the feet.

– [Adam] So you make like a full body.

– Yeah but we don't knowwhat each of us like drawing.

– Oh so it's like a secret.

– I'm sure a lot of you guys have probably played it inprimary school or something.

– [Adam] I think I might have played it in high school.

(laughing) – Yeah.

(laughs) – [Adam] Oh okay, so.

– We should probably both uselike the same pen or pencil to keep the drawing.

– [Adam] Do we have like rules? Do we have to make like a list? – I was thinking, justto try and sort of theme the character a little bit more we'll take it in turnsto pick like concepts or if we say like fisherman we'll try and make some conscious effects to try and make like a fishermanand then, yeah so on.

– The theme can be mole boy.

– [Steph] Okay.

– It's been so long, I haven'tseen mole boy in forever.

– [Steph] Okay so do youwant me to turn around? – You can turn around if you want to.

I'm doing this withoutreference as well guys.

– [Steph] Yeah we don'thave any references.

– So if the mole looks a little weird.

(laughing) Well this is what I'm working with so far.

Do you think he looks kind of mole boyish? Do moles have ears? So many questions.

(Steph laughs) Steph's not looking by the way, she's.

– I'm looking at a toilet which is great.

– [Adam] She's lookingat this beautiful Costa, beautiful Costa lady.

I'm just gonna assume he has ears.

There we go.

Like this.

– [Steph] I'm not gonnashow up in my part.

My part's gonna be a surprise.

(giggles) – [Adam] Give him one of thosereally fancy collar things.

Oh it's so regal my boy.

Don't you look fancy.

There we go, okay.

I think we should handthis over to Steph next.

– [Steph] Don't forgetto do two little lines so I know where to continue off from.

– [Adam] Oh okay.

Two lines huh? – [Steph] Otherwise I won'tbe able to match it up.

– [Adam] I'll do it really sort of feintly just so you know where it'll be.

Okay, I'm gonna fold itover now so no peaking.

– Okay.

– [Adam] Okay guys, Steph's having a go.

I've built this really cute wall.

I wanna, I'm so used to,we film on doodle dates, that I just wanna peek over.

– No you're not allowed.

– [Adam] I'm so usedto just looking over me like what are you doing? I really wanna see how mole boy looks.

This is gonna be our new artsee.

Whatever he looks like, this is his finalised design.

(laughs) – What like his human form? – [Adam] Yeah.

Oh you're done? – [Steph] You have to do his lower half, but leave the feet, I have to do the feet.

– [Adam] So I'm only doing like legs.

– My part was so lame.

(laughing) I'm gonna have some ofthis chocolate cake.

– [Adam] Oh yeah.

You gonna save some for me? – No, this is mine.

He's already had a dessertdon't let him fool you.

– [Adam] There's no desserts guys.

Drop me a comment if youwant me to eat some cake.

– It'll be gone.

– Although when we blow this the cake will already gone.

I don't want to eat whatthe cake turns into.

We're working with this here.

Oh yeah here it is.

Okay, this will also reallyconfuse Steph if we do this.

This is like the best distraction for you in a challenge likethis, just to eat cake.

– Not like I'm just staring at a toilet eating cake.

– I love eating cake while looking at a beautiful woman.

– You can see the woman, I'mlooking at the toilet.

(laughs) – [Adam] People are gonna, we're gonna get kicked out in a minute.

It's like there's someweird woman eating cake looking at the toilet.

(Steph giggling) I think this could really confuse Steph in a good kind of way, so.

– [Steph] I'm always confused.

(giggles) – [Adam] She says it as shestares at the wall eating cake.

I'm always confused.

(laughs) Okay hon, so I'm gonnapass this over to you.

– [Steph] Alright.

– [Adam] What do you, do youthink you can work with that? – Okay, why is the line so uneven? – [Adam] Because I wantedto test your creativity.

– I'm trying to think whatmole feet would look like.

Okay, I've done my part,are you ready to see the? – [Adam] We can reveal it now.

Okay so this is the back.

(Steph giggling) Oh my word.

– [Steph] His legs are so confusing.

(laughing) – [Adam] Be sure to send inyour fan art guys.

(laughs) This is mole boy.

– Okay, I want to do one this time, and it's themed around a humanoid fish.

– [Adam] A human fish? – Humanoid.

– [Adam] Humanoid, and you'restarting with the head.

– Mm hmm, so no looking.

– [Adam] I want some of this cake.

– [Steph] Hey! (giggling) – [Adam] You're drawing soI'm allowed to eat cake.


– [Steph] Hey, you're takingall the good bit.

(giggling) – [Adam] Mm, such good cake.

What's that? You want me to eat more of you? Okay.

It's okay, I'll takeyou to a better place.

– [Steph] Okay, I'm ready to fold my half.

– [Adam] Oh, is I my turn? I totally wasn't eatingyour cake or anything.

– Yes you were.

– [Adam] It was so good.

Okay guys, this is theneck and the torso okay.

So, I'm think, um yeah here we go.

Oh, ho ho ho.

Yeah this looks, this looks good.

Krill 4 Dayz.

I'm giving him some like,some chains and stuff maybe? – I'm getting a lot ofdescription.

(giggles) It's got chains apparently.

– [Adam] Oh no.

Okay, I really confusedher guys, don't worry.

Whoa ho ho ho.

Oh beautiful.

There we go, so I went withsomething pretty dainty.

– Dainty?- Yeah I think this is gonna be probably dainty little guys, so.


– [Steph] That must be such a tiny waist.

– [Adam] Yeah I'm going forlike cutesy little thing.

You want me to eat you some more? Well okay, if that's what you would like.

– [Steph] Stop eating my cake.

(giggling) – Well now you're busy.

Cake for me.

Is this just his feet? – Yeah.

– Just his feet right? You see how it's like sticking with the a slim theme too.

– [Steph] Well I just have to follow on from what you've been doing.

– Oh yeah.

But it's marine themed alright? – [Steph] Well there wasgonna be a human fish.

– Uh oh.

(laughing) I'm glad you did the head.

(laughing) Hmm.

– [Steph] I like how you just completely forgotten the theme.

– I was just mesmerised by cake, 'cause a ooh.

– [Steph] Speaking ofwhich, I'm just gonna pull my cake closer over here.

He's made this littlewall so I can't see over.

– [Adam] Yeah see? It's safe.

– [Steph] Okay, is it time to reveal? – Okay, do they have a name? They need a name.

– [Steph] Yeah, it has a name.

– It has a name? – Yeah.

– Okay.

Are you ready? – [Steph] (giggling) Okay.

– Okay.

– Okay everybody.

– [Adam] It kinda looks like another fish is like eating him.

(Steph giggling) He seems to take beingeaten alive very well.

– [Steph] (laughing) Yeahit literally looks like this fish is eating this fish.

Should we do one more,like mystery character where there's no theme.

– Oh okay, yeah so it can be anything? – Yeah.

– Yeah definitely we're gonna do one more.

– [Steph] Okay.

– Okay Julian, you comehang out with mole boy.

I'm so excited for the out and reveal at the end of this video.

– [Steph] Yeah, let meknow if you want stickers with these guys.

(laughing) – Oh my God.

To keep it fair, we couldlike flip a coin or something.

– [Steph] Oh okay.

I want tails.

– You want tails? No you're gonna have todo rock, paper, scissors to decide first.

– Nah.

– Yeah.

– Really?- You want the tails, yeah.

On three.

– One, two, three.

– Three, two, one.

– [Adam] Okay I win.

– [Steph] No.

– I'll go with tails.

Ha ha.

You ready?- Okay.

What is it? – [Adam] It's heads.

– [Steph] I win! – [Adam] You bumped up with Steph? – [Steph] So does that meanI get to draw the head? – Yeah, that means you get to go first.

– [Steph] Okay.

– [Adam] Oh, it's my love.

It's cake! Oh.

– [Steph] Hey! (giggles) – [Adam] Well if you insist, Iwill gladly have some of you.


– [Steph] How much ofmy cake have you eaten? – [Adam] I don't care, mm.

– [Steph] If you want toknow what it's like going on a date with Adam,this is what it's like.

– [Adam] I get personal, I getused to the food of many, mm.


– [Steph] No.

(giggling) – [Adam] Distance fromthat stuff, true love.

Look at that guys.

Look what Steph's given us to work with.

Look how big that is.

– [Steph] Not much.

(laughs) – [Adam] What is this, is it like a plant? – It's a surprise.

(laughs) – [Adam] Okay.

You want to make sure you're looked away, I'm about to perform some magic.

– [Steph] I will shuffle.

(giggles) (Adam humming) – [Adam] I'm thinking thatthe best to be giving you something smaller than the neck.

(Steph laughing) – [Steph] Yeah but it's tiny.

– [Adam] Can you work with it? – Yeah.

– [Adam] Does this characterhave a name, or should we give him a name when weactually see all of him? – Yeah, we'll name it whenit's all completely finished.

– [Adam] I'm excited to see our creation.

– [Steph] Okay, this is the last stretch.

– This is just the, I alwayscheck, this is just the feet? – Yeah just the feet.

– Just, it's just the feet.

– [Steph] Uh huh.

– It's just the feet?- Yeah just the feet.

(Steph giggling) – I think I may havemessed up my previous step.

This might look really weird.

– [Steph] That's okay.

(laughing) – You ready to flip it over? – [Steph] Okay.

– [Adam] I'll flip it overso you guys can see first.

– [Steph] Okay.

(Steph laughing) Yeah, I give him like a sword peg leg, which then goes into his groyne, which goes into more legs andthen the peg leg.

(laughs) Is that me? – [Steph] It's like there's a random sword and just that.

(laughing) – [Adam] Is that meant to be me? (Steph laughing) – [Steph] I have subconsciously,I might have drawn you.

– Actually it makesthis guy more beautiful.

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And we'll see you againfor another Doodle Date.

– See you guys.

– Bye.

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