Easy Tie Dye Nail Art Tutorial Using Plastic Wrap

Easy Tie Dye Nail Art Tutorial Using Plastic Wrap

Hey everyone so this is a tutorial that i made up on my own andit's going to show you an easy way to do tie dyed nails.

start by painting all your nails white and let them dry completely then you'll need pieces of plastic wrapor saran wrap that are the size of your palms andyou'll need about five to ten then you'll need a few of your favorite colorsit works best if you use three put a few drops of your first color on tothe plastic wrap but make sure it's spaced out then take your next color and put a fewdrops on the plastic wrap right next to the color that you just used but make sure that they don't completelytouch.

Then taking your third color put a few drops in between the empty spacesthat you have from your other two colors.

Then very carefully take your plastic wrap andfold it in half.

You should fold it in half roughly whereyour nail polish is so the nail polish will basically be folded on top ofeach other.

Once you have it folded in half gentlypress down onto the nail polish to mix it together but don't press it too manytimes or it'll be mixed together too much and you won't be able to see thedifferent colors Then very gently unfold the plastic wrap so it'sflat again.

Then pick up your plastic wrap and put itinto your hand.

Then your very carefully going to dip your fingernail into thenail polish but be careful not to move it around too much or it will smear the colorstogether.

and then once you're done gently peel itaway from your nail.

if you still have a lot of unused polishon the plastic wrap you can dip another finger into it continue doing this to all of your nailsmaking sure that you use new piece of plastic wrap every time you run out ofpolish if you have the white spots that justlook a little out of place you can always take the color that you used andfill it in.

since this is a little messy you can choose to use tape towrap around your cuticles.

if you don't you will have to clean uparound your cuticles with some nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

Let the nail polish dry and then while it's still a little tacky apply top coat to blend it together and that's it and really hope youenjoyed this tutorial that i made for a really easy tie dye nails.

so thanks for watching and i'll see younext time.

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