[ENGcc] 화이트데이, 캔디 플라워 네일아트 / Candy Flower Nail Art For White Day(Day to give candy)ㅣ예그시

[ENGcc] 화이트데이, 캔디 플라워 네일아트 / Candy Flower Nail Art For White Day(Day to give candy)ㅣ예그시

Hi, this is Yeggsy 😀 Today, I did this candy flower nail art for White day((Day to give candy).

Apply base coat to protect your natural nails.

And then let's get started! Q.

After doing nail art on tips, can I attach them on my nails?A.

There are tips for attaching on nails! You cannot attach this nail tips on your nails! This color is blue color with purple and pearl glitter.

I'm going to make a straight french nail on the thumb two times.

On the ring finger, make a deep french nail with this color two times.

Paint your index, middle and pinky with transparent white pearl glitter color two times.

This is new nail polish from Modi, and it has gold and pink, so, it is very pretty.

And I'm going to use this transparent pink and blue round film glitter, gold round glitter, and Jewel Sticker from Modi.

Apply top coat on the index, first.

Put the round glitters to flower shape.

I made flowers with 4 petals.

You can use blue and pink glitters to make flowers.

3 flowers on my nails looks good.

Now, put gold round glitter in the middle of the flower.

And put the glitters on the background, too.

On the middle finger, apply top coat and then make flowers.

This time, I put gold glitters first to make a center and then made flowers.

It was easier to me.

Like this, I finished pinky, too.

Now, I'm going to put sticker on the thumb's french line.

It was slightly short.

So, I cut some of this sticker and then put them on both sides of my nail.

And I put this flower line sticker on the ring finger's french line.

Lastly, add top coat to seal your design.

I used stickers and glitters today, so, I applied top coat twice.

And then "Candy Flower Nail Art For White Day" is done! Today, I used new nail polishes and nail sticker from Modi.

I wanted to do candy nail art for White day.

Frankly speaking, I don't like pearl glitter colors.

But, these new nail polishes are very very good!! Especially, the color named 'My veil' I used for my index, middle and pinky is the best! Happy white day! If you like this video, please give a thumbs up and click subscribe button.

See you at the next video!.

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