Faux Dip-Dye Technique

Faux Dip-Dye Technique

Dip Dyeing is a technique you can use toadd color to your projects.

You take something that's a neutral color,like this white doily, and die them any color that you want.

All youhave to do is take a little bit of water, add a fewdrops of re-inker to it and then dip the doily in, anddepending on how long you leave it in is how dark the color will become.

Thenjust lay it on some paper towels to dry.

Here's one that I did a little bitearlier that is completely dry.

So you can see what it looks like.

But if you don't want to go to all thatfuss, but you still want the look of dip dyeing, let me show you a couple of faux dip-dye techniques.

Now the faux dip-dye technique isgreat to use on our 7/8 inch Cotton Ribbon,because it has a little bit of a finish that repels water.

So this is a greattechnique to use for that.

What you'll need is just a couple of markers.

Start with the lighter color first and you'll just color the ribbon.

It's always important to start lighter cause youcan always go darker.

Once I have that layer done I'll go ahead and put in a little bit of the dark.

The first color was Pink Pirouette and this color is Melon Mambo.

I've putthis on a paper towel because now I'm going to use one of our Aqua Painters to blend the color.

So you'll just kind of squeeze a little bit ofwater out of your Aqua Painter and then blend that line a little bit.

Make it so that's a littlebit more blurry.

Then you can take that up higher.

just keep playing with it until you get the desired look that youwant.

So it has that darker color at the bottom.

Here's one that I did a little bitearlier so you can see what it looks like when it's completely dry.

Now another way you can do this is to use your Aqua Painter again and actually paint the colors on.

I'veput about ten drop of Strawberry Slush re-inker into a littleempty button container, I'm going to use my Aqua Painter again, and I'll just dip it in and start applying the color to my ribbon.

This will take just littlebit longer because as I mentioned before it has a little bit of coating on the ribbonso it doesn't take the color as well until you get it a little bit wetter.

So you just keep working that in,and then you can go back and make it as dark as you want and then move up the color just a little bitso that it gets a little bit darker.

Just keep working with it.

I would probably go back and just keeptrying to get a darker line here at the bottom.

So just keep playing with it.

Here's onethat I did a little bit earlier so you can see what it looks like when it is completely finished.

So two reallyeasy techniques that you can do to get the faux dip-dyeing affect.

The next timeyou are wanting to add a little bit of color to your projects, like this boxright here.

We dip-dyed the doily and we did the coloring on the ribbon.

You can give dip-dyeing a try or the faux dip-dyeing technique a try.

Until next time, happy stamping.

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