Floral Varsity Stripe Nail Art Tutorial

Floral Varsity Stripe Nail Art Tutorial

Hey guys! In this video I will be showingyou how to create this tropical floral, varsity stripe nail art design.

Start by paintingyour nails white and let them dry completely.

I used French White Creme by Wet 'n' Wild,Wild Shine.

It's a great, cheap white polish and I can usually find it for less than adollar and sometimes buy one get one free.

For the next step you'll need Scotch tapeor striping tape.

You can use either.

Or you can use them together like I did.

If you'reusing Scotch tape make sure that you put it on the back of your hand.

It'll make it alittle bit less sticky, so it won't rip up your nail polish.

Using a thicker piece oftape, tape off the bottom and the top of your nails.

Then take a few pieces of striping tape, oryou can cut Scotch tape into thin strips.

Leave a small gap where the Scotch tape isand then place your tape.

What you want to create is a larger stripe in the center withtwo smaller stripes on both sides.

Fill in the stripes that you made with black.

I am using a small nail art brush and acrylic paint.

However, you can use the brush of ablack nail polish.

The reason I am using acrylic paint is because it dries a lot faster andI'm going to be doing the design in acrylic paint anyway.

Don't worry if the black bleeds under thetape, you can go over it with white.

For the rest of the design I used acrylicpaint, which means I mixed my own colors.

If you don't have acrylic paint, just usenail polish.

It will work just as well.

I mixed bright green and bright blue into whiteto make a minty green color.

Using a small nail art brush, go ahead andmake some palm fronds.

Some leaves.

Things that look tropical.

And it can really helpif you bring up tropical floral pictures on Google and then just kind of mimic some ofthe leaf shapes.

I was actually inspired to do this designby a ringer tank that I recently got at Victoria's Secret.

I thought it was really cute and Ithought that it would make awesome nail art.

Then I added more green to the minty greencolor that I was already using.

And using that color I went over a few different spotson the leaves.

Then I added a darker green and more blueto my mixture.

And again I randomly went over a few spots on the leaves.

Then I added even more dark green to the mixtureand I did the exact same thing again.

You can totally leave your nails like thisand just have the green palm fronds and leaves, but I decided to add a few flowers for a popof color.

I used mixtures of yellow, orange, and red to make the flowers.

The flowers arepretty easy just make a few circles with yellow.

Then add in a little bit of orange and red.

And then I decided to make mine look likeHibiscus flowers.

So I added, I think it's called a stamen, I don't know.

I'm no flowerexpert, but I added that to the center of the flower.

And then I added a few dots atthe end of it.

You can make the flowers full flowers or you can have them go off the edge.

When you're finished, apply your favoritetop coat especially if you're using acrylic paint because if you don't, it will wash rightoff.

I used Out The Door by INM.

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Thank you so muchfor watching and I will see you guys next time.

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