Fuchsia / purple flower & swirls nail art design

Fuchsia / purple flower & swirls nail art design

Hi everyone! Today I will show you a very detailed nail art ! It’s a flower with some spirals.

I hope that you will like this design.

Let’s watch how to make it.

I have first applied two base coats.

You’ll find their references in the description below I use a pink nail polish to make the flower, directly with the nail polish brush.

It’s a flower with 5 petals.

It doesn’t have to be neat.

We will work the outlines later.

Then I apply a coat of glittering nail polish to add a 3rd dimension to the flower.

I wait for it dry.

And once it's dry, I use a detailed brush And some white acrylic paint To draw the outlines of the flower.

We will simply draw the flower.

Once the flower has its 5 petals I use a dotting tool to make a dot At the center of the flower with nail polish.

Then with a small sharp brush and black paint, I make the stamens.

Make 4 or 5 lines inside the petals.

Then again, I use the detailed brush To draw the outlines of the flower but this time with black paint.

This time the outlines need to be very thin If they are too thick, they won’t look great.

Once I finished with the stamens, I make the spirals.

These spirals are quite different from those I usually do.

They have pretty curves.

About 4 or 5 curves.

As you can see here, I have a beautiful swirl.

So I will make 2 or 3 other spirals.

Then I add a little spiral in the middle of the flower.

To make small dots As you know, your acrylic paint needs to be diluted.

With a small dotting tool, I will make some little dots.

Then I apply 2 rhinestones with top coat.

And apply a final layer of top coat and it’s done! Subscribe for new ail art tutorials every week! And thanks a lot for your comments!.

Source: Youtube