How to Screen Print Using the Stencil Technique

How to Screen Print Using the Stencil Technique

Today we're going todo screen printing using the Stencil Technique.

We're going to use productsyou find in the SpeedballStencil Printing Kit for our project today.

First we begin byselecting an image.

Pick an image that's verybasic and simple to cut out.

Tape that image downonto a cutting surface, and then overlaythe clear film on top, and then tape thatdown into place.

Then simply cut the imageout with a knife.

I've already cut one out herethat I'm going to mount to the back of the screen frame.

The film has been cut to fitthe entire edge of the frame, and I'm going to use masking tapeto mount it around all four edges.

You want to be sure tomount it in reverse so that when you flip it overit prints right reading.

Now we're ready to print.

We're going to beprinting on a t-shirt, but you can screen printonto a variety of surfaces including paper, or you can stencilonto a wall.

You just want to make surethat you select the right ink for the project.

We're using SpeedballFabric Ink for this project that comes withthe Stencil Printing Kit.

We've taken a t-shirt andstretched it over a board, so with the board in between so that the ink doesn't passthrough onto the other side.

Take the screenand centre the image onto the areathat you'd like to print.

Then, with your fabric ink, you want to apply a bead of inkacross one side.

Use plenty of ink so we'resure to fill the entire area.

Now, with the squeegee, you want to drag that inkover your stencil.

Make sure that you pass overthat stencil area 3-4 times, pushing the inkthrough the screen and the stencilonto the t-shirt.

Then just setyour t-shirt aside to dry.

Using the Stencil Techniqueis a fun and easy way to do screen printing.

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