Jacksepticeye with flower crown speed art

Jacksepticeye with flower crown speed art

Welcome to this video yes, yes, waiting is fun ahh once more into the fray ooookay here we go.

there's only so many ways you can screw this up.

aaand there we go i've already screwed it up.


okay we're a little bored of the outlining by now are you done yet move your head please for the love of pizza we don't need to see your head okay fiiiinally you get to the coloring oh boy oh boy time for the hair woop jumpcut yeees green irish MAGIC meMES oookay time for some face scruffies what the heck "scruffies"? is that even a word.

? Hold on.

oookay here we go.

scrubwoman, scrud, scruff, aaand.


no scruffies.

look at me just making up words willy nilly anyway back to the pictu- wait what we're already on the crown? shoot.


*checks script* well here you see.


end card.

welp what have we learned today kids? yes, that's right, scruffies is NOT a word.

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