Jewel Nail Art (gem, ruby)

Jewel Nail Art (gem, ruby)

Jewelry nail art Jewelry nail art materials Base Gel Tapjel, Matt tapjel Color Gel: red, white Clear Gel Four days stone, Glitter brush Gel cleanser and paper towels Base Gel Apply the gel base.

Curing: Curing causes the gel nail lamp.

White Gel Apply a white gel.

Curing Please apply the white Gel once more.

Curing Red Gel Draw a circle with a red gel.

Please hit the red jello circle.

Curing Square Glitter Glitter round Use a slightly moistened brush the base gel, please leave the square glitter in a circle.

Please, apply a small amount of gel on the base Glitter.

Be the round glitter.

Curing Base Gel Apply the gel in a circle around the base.

Four days Stone Raise the nail on the Stone circle around it.

Curing Clear Gel Please put a clear gel on the original thick dome shape (except Stone) Curing Please put a clear gel once more.

Curing Matt tapjel, tapjel (Gloss) Please mat tapjel apply only outside of the circle.

(Except stone) Apply the General tapjel in a circle (except stone) Curing Gel Cleanser Wipe nails with a gel cleanser.

complete! Matt is outside of the Polish jewelery parts Thank you.

Let's meet again!.

Source: Youtube