Kathy Kromer’s Background Technique | Michaels

Kathy Kromer’s Background Technique | Michaels

Hi, I'm Kathy and I'm going to show you a little bit about mixed media.

I'm going to take some of theÉ I don't know, Éthe mystery out of layering some things.

So we're going to start with a gel medium.

Which you get over in your Fine Art Department.

There are different bodies.

There is a hard gel medium and a soft gel medium.

Just pick one and go, they all do the same thing.

I use it as a glue.

Plus I use it to build up texture.

So we're just going to take a little gel medium.

This one, we've already put on with gel medium, right here.

I'm just going to coat the back really good.

Then I'm just going to place my paper.

What we're going to do today is make a background for a painting.

I'm just going to show you background today.

And it doesn't have to be thought out, it can just be random.

Éor big plans.

Just sort of start doing it and go with it.

We're going to stick to just a couple of colors.

Like burnt amber, maybe some gold.

Alright, we got that on there, that's gonna dry.

It will dry clear, and then your paper will be in place.

Also going to take a littleÉ This is actually called punchinella.

It's uhhÉ sequin poop.

I think, is what it's called.

And then this is a piece of scrapbook paper that we have.

Right here, and I'm going to use it as a stencil.

So, let's take a little burnt umber.

Transparent burnt umber, so it gives you a nice little transparent layer.

We're just going to randomlyÉÉ Stencil on some stuff, here.

Don't worry bout it being perfect.

The less perfect, I think, the better.

And you can peel it up there, and see how it's going.

You can go ahead and add a little to this wet section, here.

and I think we'll add a little bit right here, too.

This is called a "Spouncer", right here.

Just a sponge on a stick.

It makes a great little stencil tool.

Now if you have too much paint and you want to let go of a little bit.

You'll take a paper towel, and just lay over it.

You also get this really nice pattern from the paper towel.

Take a little bit of this.

You're just gonna kind of fill your canvas.

And then when we get this filled, the next time, I'm going to show you how to put a painting over the top.

This is going to be the same way you'd start your collage, if you weren't going to have a painting.

You're just going to have mixed media so you'd put your paper on with gel medium.

Your gel medium will also hold metal elements, if it's a heavier gel medium.

And I just keep going, until I fill it in.

I'm not going to worry too much about the middle of the canvas, because that's where I'm going to put a painting.

The part I like is making it hard to tell, for the viewer; where the paper starts and canvas starts.

Just how it all blends together.

Here, I'll take a little paper towel again.

I'm going to take it for a second and just rub it.

Umkay, also, beforehand, I put a little bit of crackle right here.

For it to dry, so we're going to see if we can use this alcohol ink and get it to spread through the cracks.

Can you see how it's spreading? And, just kind of randomly, put you some drips.

There's where it's going really nice, spreading through the cracks.

And then, I really like just drips.

So I'm gonna hold it up and kinda let it run.

And then I may take it and do it on this side too.

Then we'll put it over here.

Now, alcohol ink will dry really quickly and it gives it a really nice, deep color that goes along with the paint.

Then I might take a little gold, and then I'm going to be done.

Then we're going to takeÉ this is a dirty spouncer, but it's ok to have a dirty brush.

We'll just add a little gold in here, some.

We'll take it and dab it off.

And there's no right or wrong way to do this.

You're just going to make it up as you go and.

Enjoy the process of it.

Once you learn to start enjoying the process, without worrying about the outcome, you'll have more fun with it.

And I'll move my canvas aroundÉ even when I'm working on an easel, I'll move it up and down.

So it's just a simple background.

Your next part could be a thought-out collage or you can add a painting on top.

But it's just an easy way to make a little background without being stressed.

Thanks, Kathy.

We look forward to seeing you painting on it next time.

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