Marble Rose Nail Art (Marble Flower)

Marble Rose Nail Art (Marble Flower)

Marble Rose Nail Art Marble Rose Nail Art: Marvel flowers materials Base Gel White Gel Lilac gel Pink Gel Green Gel Tapjel Gel Cleanser Brush (sepil line or brush) Dot rods Wood sticks Paper towels (or cotton) Base Gel Apply a base gel on the entire nail.

Curing: Curing helps nails gel nail lamp.

White Gel: Apply the gel on the entire nail white.

Curing The white Gel once more will apply.

Curing Green Gel I used green and dark green gel gel.

Dark green, dark blue gel is created by mixing the green.

brush Please dampened the green gel on the brush to draw the leaves.

Put to draw veins in the leaves using a dark green gel.

Curing Pink Gel Draw a pink gel with rounded circle.

White Gel Please put it in a circle of pink gel white gel.

Using wood sticks to help create a marble pattern to look like petals.

Curing Lilac gel In the same way it will further draw a flower.

(A light purple) Curing Using pink gels will further draw a bunch of flowers in the same way.

Curing Tapjel Apply the tapjel the entire nail.

Curing Gel Cleanser Please buried in the gel cleanser on a paper towel to wipe the nails.

complete! Thank you.

Let's meet again!.

Source: Youtube