Nail ART fast&easy french manicure flower

Nail ART fast&easy french manicure flower

Hello everyone.

Today, i will present you a new Nail Art with the technique called the Zhostovo.

It is a technique which comes from Russia which can be easily and rapidly made.

First I've applied a cream yellow base of the lastest Color Club entirely on the ring finger and in French manicure on the others.

For the French I used a beige varnish.

A first coat directly with the brush of the varnish.

Then the second coat and I use it to stick some glitters and pigments.

golden-pink ones Then I'll the crush the glitters, it is very important so as it won't cause any trouble for the rest.

I sweep the surplus of glitters that did not stick.

Then I've put my Zhostovo paint on a wet palette.

Have a look to this video of how it's done and about it's use.

Then I've choosen four colours for the Zhostovo.

It always requires four colours the dark, medium, bright and white.

Then the round-shape brush for the Zhostovo.

I start drawing flowers on my nails.

The flower consists of various petals and a petal consists of three drops.

A small drop, a big one and a small one.

I continue with the Zhostovo technique the darkest colour: the dark purple.

And I crush my brush to make this type of drop.

It's very important to mattify your nail before so that the paint sticks well.

Then I'll take the medium violet It's not very dark or bright, it's in the middle and I apply the same way like the first one.

Then I take the medium purple and I sweep my brush in the light pink to make a sort of one stroke with the brush.

Before it dries, I redo it above and I add a bit of this pink I could have taken some light purple or light blue.

It's not very important.

You only have to take a light color that matches.

I redo the same thing with some medium purple and some white.

We redo those steps with the ring finger once that the first coat has dried.

I put the medium violet alone.

Then, I do a sort of one stroke with the medium purple and the light pink and I realize the six droplets.

Then, I retake some medium violet and some white and I do again the same thing.

Apply the coats of paint one on the other with no waiting.

You have to wait only for the first coat to dry.

For the others, we stack the colours without waiting it to dry.

I invite you to view my first video of Zhostovo where I've explained in details how it works.

Then, I've taken the detail-brush some very diluted white paint otherwise you won't be able to make thin stripes like this.

And I will outline the petals plus some very thin lines inside to give some more texture and details to the design.

I also add some stripes inside in dark purple to give it some more texture Add some drops afterwards.

I use the bases of the Zhostovo technique I do one drop in dark colour, one drop in medium colour one drop in light pink and finally a white one.

Then for the decorations, I insert some dots in the middle, I apply my top coat and finally, I will put two tiny rhinestones.

The rhinestones are awesome.

You can order them on LmCosmetic.

Fr because they are very thin and beautiful.

Here is it! It's done! I hope that you've liked it.

And that you are going to show me what you have done on my Facebook page.

I'll catch up with you next week for a Panic Nail Art.

See you!.

Source: Youtube