Nail art Sunny flower

Nail art Sunny flower

Hello everyone.

Today in this video I will present to you the indian summer Nail Art And those flowers made me think of those flowers we can find on islands with beautiful colors.

I've firstly applied one on the latest released varnish Color Club Nail Polish-Macaroon Swoon which is a very beautiful yellow pastel.

Then in my palette, I've mixed up pigments of Make Up Forever and those I've found on internet.

In the golden tints, I've add up some top-coat I mixed up and applied some in a sort of gradient on the tip of my nail, I really love that technique it doesn't take time and its very beautiful Here are the colours that I've chosen which are coral-tint pink and fluorescent orange.

With my one stroke square-shape brush I'll start by drawing kinds of bridges.

The petals should not be touching each others.

I make the one-stroke gesture which is like a droplet by letting space in between.

A hole in fact in the middle of the flower because it going to be the heart of the flower that will remains yellow.

So, I repeat the same thing on almost all my fingers.

On the other fingers, I'll put less with only one flower.

While making the small movement, try to make waved-shapes with the brush.

Move the paint from top to bottom so as to make more natural flowers and less graphical than usual Here, I've the second coat with coral and pink then I will add the third colour.

For the third colour, I will take some fluorescent orange, I soak a little bit my brush in it, You choose the quantity you want.

I fade it, it's very important.

Once I've faded it, I will apply it to the extremities of the petals.

There will be just a little of fluorescent orange It does not appear well on the video in reality, it is much more beautiful.

Here is an example of how you can make a one stroke tricolour unlike the last video where I've put directly the three colours on the brush.

We can also do this method that is, add the third colour lastly.

Why don't I add it up with a detail brush ? Simply because it would have never faded out.

I would have resulted into a thick orange line, not very good-looking.

It better to add it through the one stroke because the result is more refined.

Then with a detail brush, I've choosen a paint of the same colour of my base and I add some features in the middle to realise the stamens.

It's not obligatory.

If you don't have much time, its not important Then I will delimit the heart of the flower with dots realized with the doting tool.

Dots of fuchsia colour that will hide the middle part that was not very beautiful.

The outlines of the petals Then to highlight all this, I will add some glitter with a toothpick.

A EF glitter mix in shades of orange.

I add randomly some big rhinestones.

and some glitter powder to make it a bit shinny and more girly.

After applying the glitters, I apply my final top coat My favourite one, the posh top coat that I have been using since seven years.

I really love this top coat, it is awesome.

I hope that you have liked this small one stroke easy and quick technique.

And remember if you try this nail art, share it with me on my Facebook page I'll meet you next week for a video based on the Zhostovo technique.

See you!.

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