Paper Layering Hedgehog – Hero Arts Summer Release

Paper Layering Hedgehog – Hero Arts Summer Release

In today's tutorial I'm playing withthis supremely adorable paper layering hedgehog from Hero Arts – it's part of their summer release but I'm also using their My MonthlyHero kit.

And I'm also going to do some projects later with this adorable Texas stamp But I want to show you this hedgehog – he is so cute.

So the dies come in two pieces and there's a reason for that if you look at the Hedgehog himself you can see along the edge there's not an edge that will cut thatentire shape out it's just the little quills and so that's why you have thatoutside piece so you can cut the whole little guy out just like this and it'll cut all of his little quills whichpop up, and I'll tell you how to pop those up later.

But I cut him out of a piece of BasicBlack cardstock and I'm just going to quickly use my white gel pen to add just highlights to his little quills.

I don't know why I thought of doing himin black but I just thought he would be so cute.

I know hedgehogs aren't black I hope some naturalists don't get on me for doingthis but he'll be cute in black and I have a planfor what he's going to do on my card.

So whens he's all highlighted I'll set himaside I'm going to use Watermelon Wonder Ink from Stampin' Up! and I'm going to ink upthis solid stamp – it says kindness is contagious from the May kit – I absolutely love thiskit – this was the one that was inspired by the Share Handmade Kindness campaign from Jennifer McGuire.

It has so many great sayings in it aboutkind of what we do as card makers and I love them and you can't have toomany messages telling people to be kind, I don't think.

So this little round stamp says "kindnessis contagious pass it on" and that is absolutely thetruth.

Sorry – I got ink all over my Mini MISTI – you know how it is – if you're going to make an omelette, you've gotta break a couple eggs :).

So I ink it up a few times until it's nice and solid and then just I'm just taking my StampShammy from Lawn Fawn and I'm just going to clean that up.

I dorecommend NOVUS 2 to if you have stubborn stains on your MISTI by the way – it's a great acrylic cleaner and scratch polish even for your glasses.

(Eyeglasses) I'm just using a circle punch to punch this out and I wanted to leave a little border.

I wanted the white contrast against theblack cardstock or I would have used a smaller punch – look how that landed perfectly lined up – but anyway I figured out is this image exactly fitin the little hedgehogs arms and under his nose just going to slide it under his nose there and it doesn't obscure the sentiment andI felt so happy when I discovered that these twothings get together this is one of those cases of working with what's on your desk and I have just beenworking with that other kit.

So I just LOVE this little guy he's so stinkingcute.

So to pop a little quills out I recommend popping them out from the back with the stylus because they keep the main part of the Hedgehog from gettingwrinkled.

Just pop them up and it gives you thatadorable three-dimensional look at you want from this image I hope you enjoyedthat quick tutorial thanks so much for watching.

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