Philfest brings music, arts and crafts to Lakefill

Philfest brings music, arts and crafts to Lakefill

PICKRELL: Philfest is geared towards basically any Northwestern student or anyone in the Northwestern or Evanston community who's passing by.

It's really open to everyone, it's free, it's a lot of fun, or at least we hope it is.

There's tie-dye, arts and crafts, music, so just kind of a day to chill by the Lakefill.

SZYMANSKI: And he was a great guy and we just really wanted to commemorate him and remember him and he was really into, like, bluegrass music and the environment and things like that, so A&O definitely just like the partnership between green and like, also, like, Phil's impact on Northwestern.

So it's just in memory of him.

SCHNARRE: We partnered with SEED especially because, like, being an environmental science major, I love kind of working with, like, environmental groups on campus and part of NCDC's mission is to kind of engage with different groups that involve with service on some type.

And SEED's kind of a different version of that because it's environmental stuff, someone we wouldn't really talk to and work with normally, but it was a great opportunity to kind of, like, partner with them and engage in that sort of aspect.

SHAPIRO: It's just really relaxing.

There's no clouds in the sky, like, kind of a nice breeze.

It's great.

I'm enjoying myself.

I'm doing some work.

It's fun.

PATETE: It's a good way for people to come together in a setting where people can openly discuss either the environment or, you know, listen to bluegrass music and, I guess, feel a connection with the music and the environment, and since it's open to anyone anybody can come and participate and learn more about, like, what Northwestern's campus is doing to help the environment, work with the Earth.

And, you know, it's just, like, a way for people to spend time and like, learn about things without, like, feeling like they're learning about something.

They're just enjoying the event.

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