Pink Flowers Nail Art

Pink Flowers Nail Art

Hello! Welcome to my channel! In this video I will show this nail art turns and easy color with pink flowers.

Applying a base coat.

Painting the nail of the index finger color pink light.

Painting the nail of the little finger and thumb of dark color pink.

The ring finger and middle nail white paints.

In white nails It will be the flowers.

For this, you need a nail art brush and the dark color pink you used to paint the nails.

It begins by making the shape of a petal and then fill in this form.

This petal, is more a petal on each side.

With the color pink clear varnish, makes some risks in the center of the flower.

With a dotting tool, make some black spots.

Makes Three color pink light points.

Apply a top coat.

The nail art is ready! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Do not forget to subscribe, to like and comment.

Source: Youtube