Raiders of the Lost Art/Martha Says It with Flowers

Raiders of the Lost Art/Martha Says It with Flowers

♪ Martha was an average dog ♪ ♪ She went.



♪ (barking, growls) ♪ When she atesome alphabet soup ♪ ♪ Then what happenedwas bizarre.

♪ On the way to Martha's stomach,the letters lost their way.

They traveled to her brain,and now.

♪ She's got a lot to say ♪ ♪ Now she speaks.

♪ How now, brown cow? ♪ Martha speaks ♪ ♪ Yeah, she speaksand speaks and speaks ♪ ♪ And speaks and speaks.

♪ What's a caboose? When are we eating again? ♪ Martha speaks.

♪ Hey, Joe, what do you know? My name's not Joe.

♪ She's not always right,but still that Martha speaks.

♪ Hi, there.

♪ She's got a voice,she's ready to shout ♪ ♪ Martha will tell youwhat it's all about ♪ ♪ Sometimes wrong,but seldom in doubt ♪ ♪ Martha will tell youwhat it's all about ♪ ♪ That dog's unique.

♪ Testing, one, two.

♪ Hear her speak ♪ ♪ Martha speaks and speaksand speaks and speaks and.

♪ ♪ Communicates, enumerates ♪ ♪ Elucidates, exaggerates ♪ ♪ Indicates and explicates ♪ ♪ Bloviates and overstatesand.

♪ (panting) ♪.

Hyperventilates! ♪ ♪ Martha, to reiterate ♪ Martha speaks! ♪ Martha speaks.

♪ Welcome, ladies and gentlemenand preschoolers of all ages.

Today, we present an exhibition of one-of-a-kind artworksfor your appreciation, a mixture of paint and canvasthat can be both delightful.


And dangerous.

The two extraordinary objects we've chosen for youto observe today are studies in the art of correctingyour mistakes.

As you observe our paintings, be sure to watch out for words like "considerate"and "inconsiderate," "forgive" and "regret.

" I'll see youat the end of the show.

Skits, go homeand play with Martha.

Dogs make thejanitor unhappy.

We can play later.

(whimpers) (pants) ♪ J-A-N-I-T-O-R ♪ ♪ It's the greatestjob by far.

♪ Ah! You're making a big mistake.

(whimpers "huh?") Get your hairydog face out of here.

Or you're goingto regret it.

Didn't you see the sign? That means,"No dogs allowed.

" We don't teach dogs here.

Oh, man, I just taught youwhat the sign means.

I regret doing that, which meansI wish I hadn't done it.

Agh! Now I taught yousomething else.

Go away.

It's not Skits'fault he's hairy.

But it's his faultfor bringing his hair here for me to clean up.


That's at leastfour, five dog hairs, all extra work.

(sneezes) No dogs allowed! (groans) When magma reaches the surface,we call it.

Hey, kids! (kids gasp) Why does everyone looksurprised? What have you beentalking about? Magma? You all have that"Oh, no, magma" look on your faces.

I like magma.

Class, get outyour art supplies.

It's art time! It's art time! It's art time.



You look miserable.

I mean, you reallylook unhappy.

Art's not for me.

I make too many mistakes.

TB, there's no such thing as making a mistakein my art class.

Then saying I make mistakeswas a mistake.

See? That's why I'm miserable.

I can't help myself.

Hey, make some art.

You'll feel better.

Here's today's assignment: I want you all to drawsomething you see every day.

(gasps) (groans) VaDINCI:Very nice.

Thanks! CD, did you drawsimple shapes because you're afraidof making a mistake? No.

It's exactlywhat I see every day: the backof Chuck Smith's head.

I watch itsix hours a day.

(whispering):Psst! Want to seemy first drawing? (school bell rings) (giggles)VaDINCI: I regret I must announce the end of art time.

Hand in your work;I'll be hanging these in the hall.

(relieved sigh) TRUMAN:I'm going to get itthis time, Skits.

(Skits barks)I got it! I got it! I'm so glad you're home.

I don't knowhow much longer I could keepthose two entertained.

I drew a pictureof you today.

Where is it?Let me see! Sorry, Mr.

VaDinci took our artto hang in the school hall.

Where everyonewill see and admire me.

Now I know whythe Mona Lisa was smiling.

TD drew one thathe couldn't hand in.

Show it, TD.

This is hilarious.

Hmm, that's not funny.

It looks like the backof Chuck Smith's head.

(screams, gasps) You accidentallyswapped the drawings? You gave the teachera picture of himself with the body of a duckto hang in the school hall? (groans) Okay, that's funny.

What should I do? And by that I mean,should I move to the North Poleor to Moose Jaw? Travel is expensive.

How much money do you have? (coins clink) 32 cents.

You could hidebehind the sofa.

Nobody ever finds me there,and it's free.

What a dilemma.

If by "dilemma" you meana big, big problem, then yeah,this is a dilemma.

How do I solve it? Here's how you solve it:go right back to Mr.

VaDinci, swap this drawingfor that one, and apologize.

I'd rather hidebehind the couch.

He's going to be unhappy,but just do it quickly, the way youpull off a bandage.

This one's from last summer.

And this one'sfrom Valentine's Day.

I peel them a little every day.

Ouch! Ouch! Okay, that's enoughfor today.

HELEN:Just apologize quickly.

Then we'll solveyour bandage problem.

Guys, he probably went home.

(gasps):Hide! He didn't see it yet.

There it is, underneathmy Martha drawing.

Ooh! I want to see me! Hmm? Go in and swap the right onefor the wrong one.

That'll solve your dilemma.

Miss Clusky's in there.

Oh, man, this dilemma'sthe size of the North Pole now, which is where I should go.

Do you need more time? No.

I can finishthis tomorrow.

If we don't get tothat ball game on time, we'll be really unhappy.

(sighs):My one big regret in life is that I'm sucha good duck artist.

Okay, they left.

Now all we have to dois walk in and swap the artin your backpack with the art in the red folder.

(stunned yells) School is closed,you know.

TD just needsto get one thing.

Is that a hairy dog? Out! Now! MARTHA:I'm taking this personally! I don't get paid extrafor sweeping up hairy dog hairs! (coughing) Can TD go in? He's not hairy, see? No one's allowed inwhile I work.

This is my alone time.

Nothing makes me as unhappyas picking up dog hair.

(groans) Hairy.

Sorry, TD.

My idea failed.

I feel miserable.

Hey, I know how to get it! We build an exactduplicate of the school, then tomorrow when everybodygoes into the fake school, we go into the real schooland switch the art.

Problem solved! Or Truman and Martha could watch for the janitorwhile we get the art.

Yeah! Martha, if you see him coming towards usin the hall, whistle.

And Truman,you look in windows.

When you spot him,howl like a wolf and we'll alwaysknow where he is.

(pitiful howl) (sputtering) (groans):If I had lips, I'd whistle.

I'd also play the harmonica.

Why not haveMartha howl and Truman whistle? (birdcall whistle) Wow, that's pretty good.

(giggles) It's gone! Maybe we're inthe wrong room.

We'd bettercheck them all.

(music playing on radio) (turns off music) (gasps) The pictures! I've got to tell TD.

(whistles like bird) That whistle.

Truman's warning us.

(gasps) That whistle! The call of the rareWaffle-Backed Thread-Warbler.

I have to get a photo! (gasps) (howling) Egads! A desert mountain snow wolf! Which one do I geta picture of? What a dilemma.

(Truman whistlinglike bird) Warbler! (birdcall whistling) TD! (both gasp) (Martha howling) That wolf sounds like it'sjust outside the front door! This is thelast classroom.

It's not anywhere.

I'm miserable.

I really regretdrawing that thing.

(Martha howling) He's coming! Hide! (gasps) (gasps) Is that wolf hair? I wish I wasn't alone.

But I'm not alone.

I'm with a wolf! Psst.


What? I found it.

Problem solved.

(panting) There's a wolfin the building! You kids go outthe window, quick! Hey, wait a minute.

What are you doing in here? I caught you trying to putschool property in the recycling bin.


I was taking it outof the recycling bin.

Who'd believe that? Fortunately for you, there's a man-eating animalon the loose.

Get out of here! Let this be alesson to you: Don't go where you don'tbelong; there's wolves.

MARTHA:There arewolves in here?! If there are wolves,my howling might attract them.

Help! Hold it, hold it! You were howling?Let me hear it.

(howling) (sighs) It was you, not wolves.

Now you're all in trouble, because you're in herewhen school's closed! But we're not in there,we're out here.

(sighs) Okay, all of you, go home.

This is why Ineed alone time.

Everybody makes me miserable, everybody and dog hair.

Hey, you guys,I found it! TD found it, too, but we got kicked out.

Looks like you'll haveto apologize, TD.

By "apologize," youmean tell him I'm sorry I drew him witha body of a duck? Yeah, that's what"apologize" means.

I don't think I'm goingto need to apologize.

You got it? While I wasin the trash.

Hey, that's funny! (chuckles) Problem solved.

Now let's get those bandagesoff your knees.

No way! I'll take care of itat my own speed.

(sighs) CLUSKY:You saw a wolf in this school? I heard a wolf.

But it turned out,it wasn't a wolf.

It was a talking dogdoing a wolf imitation.

Maybe you have toomuch alone time.

♪ Will you forgive mefor losing your keys? ♪ ♪ Can you forgive mefor bending your skis? ♪ ♪ Can you forgive mefor selling your chair? ♪ ♪ I traded itfor a big grizzly bear ♪ ♪ I've stopped being angry ♪ ♪ That means I forgive ♪ ♪ Let's call it even ♪ ♪ We'll liveand let live ♪ ♪ I forgive you, butthe bear has to go ♪ ♪ Now would you please getyour foot off my toe? ♪ Oops.

Forgive me.


Wonderful paella,Mariella.

I think it was the bestI've ever had.

How kind ofyou to say so.

Oh, dear! I forgot my hat.

I'll get it! Martha, it's very delicate! Here you go.

Oops, got a littleslobber on it.

Here, let me get that off.

Oh, stop! You're.

ruining it.

Lucille, she was justtrying to be considerate.

Of course she was.

(sighs):Oh, dear.

I did it again.

Don't take itto heart, Martha.

I know you were justtrying to be nice.

(sighs) But I always do somethingto upset Grandma Lucille.

That's not true.

What about the time I got mudall over her dress? Hey, everyone.

Boy, it's rainingcats and dogs out there.

(Lucille screams) That wasn'tyour fault.

You didn't know she wasstanding right next to you.

Oh, what about the timeI ate her earring? Aren't they lovely? Bernie got them for mefor our anniversary.

(gasps) Oh, dear! (sighs) What? What did I do? It fell into youralphabet soup.

You thoughtit was an "o".

But I never seem to doanything right.

Well, if you feel that way,maybe you could do something really consideratefor her birthday.

It's this Friday.


It means to be kind and thinkabout other people's feelings.

So if I do something extra sweetfor her birthday, she'll think I'm considerate.

What a great idea.

Now, let's see,what should I do? Ta-dah! What is it? It's a card for Lucille.

See? That's herin the middle, and that's a big cake.

Open it.

It says: "Dear Lucille, happya hundredth birthday! Love, Martha.

" I told Truman what to say, and he wrote it for me.

(laughs) Oh, Martha.

Grandma's notturning a hundred.

She isn't? Ah, darn.

I always have troublefiguring out age in human years.

Martha, it was reallythoughtful of you to make Grandmaa card.

Thoughtful? You mean it's too fullof thinking? No, "thoughtful" meansyou thought a lot about it and that it's very kind.

But, um, I think this card is a little too messy for her.

It is? (groans):Oh.

Why don't you get hersomething instead? What should I get? Why not get her something you'd like to get? And could I have thatgift-wrapped, please? MARTHA:I did it! I found Lucillethe perfect present! Feast your eyes on this! I found it rightoutside in the garbage! Martha, I don't thinkLucille's going to like this.

Huh? Really? Did you noticethe worm? I.

noticed it.

And it's so soft and-and mushy.

I'd love to get it.

It's a nice thought, but why don'tyou get her something that a person would liketo get, too.

(sighs) This is gettingharder every minute.

A big juicyslab of bacon! It's perfect! It's something dogs and people like.

Thanks, Karl.

(barking) No, Skits, youcan't have any.

This bacon is forLucille's birthday.

Eating some of itwould be inconsiderate.

(whines questioningly) Inconsiderate.

It's the oppositeof considerate.

It means to be selfish.

You're only thinkingabout yourself.

(whines) No, you can'tlick it, either.

Lucille doesn't like bacon?! What do you meanshe doesn't like bacon?! Everybody likes bacon.

Haven't you noticedhow she always leaves her bacon behind on the plateat breakfast? I just thoughtshe was being thoughtful and-and leaving it for us.

Let's save thisfor breakfast tomorrow.

I'm sure youand Skits will enjoy it.

(refrigerator door closes) It's hopeless.

I'll never findthe right present for her.

(sniffs and growls) (munches and swallows) (spits) It's a flower fromLucille's hat.

Wait a minute.

That's it! I'll, I'll get her flowers! Skits, you area genius.

Let's goto the park! Now keep your eyesout for flowers, especially oneswith a delightful, sweet smell.

(gasps) Jackpot! These are perfect! (gasps) There! What a delightful present! And I even got itfive days early.

I'm such a thoughtful dog.

(contented sigh) (Martha barking,squirrel chattering) Martha!Come on.

It's time to goto Grandma's.


Just let me get my present.

Oh, what a nice little hanky.

I can put it in the bottomof the flower basket to make it even prettier.

Hmm, I can't waitto see Lucille's expression when she seesthese lovely flow.

What happened to them?! They're all dry and crumbly! HELEN:alls) You ready, Martha? Uh, uh.

not-not quite! You-you go ahead.

I'll meet youat Lucille's.

There's somethingI have to get.

Oh, what am I going to do now? Hey, those flowersare just as pretty.

(spits) (tired sigh) I never knew how exhaustingpicking flowers could be.

I'd better get going.

Everyone's probably just aboutto sit down to dinner by now.

(hydraulic brakes hissing) (doors squeak open)Dori, could you drop me offat Lucille's? Sure thing, Martha.

Hop on.


Thank you.

They're forGrandma's birthday.

I'm sure she'llbe sincerelydelighted.

Delighted? I hope "delighted" meansshe'll be happy.

Yes, "delighted"does mean happy.

I think she'll beextremely pleased and excited.

Oh, good, because she hasn'tbeen too delighted about some thingsI've done in the past.

(laughs) I know I'dappreciate it if I gotthose flowers.

I had a schnauzer once.

Her name was Fefu.

She loved flowers.

Then she just took off one day.

(blows nose) I miss herterribly! I'm sorry to hear that.

Would you like oneof these, sir? I have plenty.

How kind of you! I'll just take thislittle blue one.

Oh, and those yellow onesare awfully pretty, too.

No, sweetie.

Those flowers belongto the talking dog.

(crying) It's okay.

She can havea few, too.

Oh! (hydraulic brakes hissing) MARTHA:So long, everyone! Have a great day! (sighs) I'm such a thoughtful dog.


They sure took a lot of flowers.

Well, they still lookpretty nice, and I'm only a block awayfrom Lucille's.

Sample a deliciousBurger Barn burger today! Free hamburgers! Did he just say,"Free hamburgers"? No, Martha,don't do it! Don't give into temptation.

You'll be havingdinner soon anyway.


It would beinconsiderate of me to show up havingalready eaten.

Hello! Didn't youhear the man? It's a free hamburger! Ah, what a dilemma! But, now that you put it like that.

But you want Lucilleto think you're considerate.

Oh, and smell that overcookedbeef and soggy bun! You knowyou can't resist, Martha.

You're right! I can't! But I'm just goingto have one.

(Martha panting) Mmm! Yum! Yum! (gulps) Ah.

Mmm! So sweet and saltyat the same time.

Mmm, mmm.

Ah! Well, I'd better get go.

(gasps) The flowers! Hey, get away from those! Oh! Oh, well.

There's still one left.

This time, I'm goingto make sure nothing happens to it.

(thunder rumbling) (whines) (doorbell chimes) (wind howling) Happy birthday! GRANDMA LUCILLE:Oh, what is that? Flowers.

At least,they were supposed to be, but the first batchI picked died before I could get them herebecause I picked them last week, so I got these,and I gave them to some guy on the buswho lost his schnauzer, and then I was distractedby the Hamburger Man, and when I got back,all the birds had taken them! (crying)I'm such a failure! (sobbing) Don't be unhappy, Martha dear.

It's all right thatyou didn't bring me any flowers.

I'm actuallyvery allergicto them.

That meansshe starts sneezing and coughinga lot whenevershe's around them.

But what about the oneson your hat? Those arefake flowers.

See? Just like the ones onthe new hat we got Lucille.

I said it was from both of us.

You mean, even if I hadgotten you some flowers, I would havestill messed up? Oh, I bet you won't speak to mefor two weeks this time.

GRANDMA LUCILLE:On the contrary, I appreciate all thetrouble you went to.

And to show my sincerethanks, here's some cake.

Whoa! It's mewho should be thanking you! Wait.

You're not justsaying that to make me feel better, are you? No, I saidI was sincere.

"Sincere" meansI reallymean it.

I'm really,truly thankfulfor the gift.

(Jake babbles) Well, then, my sincere thanksfor this lovely piece of cake! This, however,must go in the trash at once.

(gasps) It's my lace handkerchief! Look, there are my initials.

Wherever did you find it? It was under the couchin the living room.

Oh! I thoughtI had lost it for good! Oh, Martha,thank you.

You really are avery considerate dog.

Well, it turned out to bea delightful day after all! (yawns) Now all I need is a little nap.

No, Martha, noton the couch! HELEN:Your paws–they're filthy! (Martha snoring) That'sall right.

We weregoing to getnew covers for thecushionsanyway.

We were? Oh, yes, I remember.

Well, who'sfor more cake? Me! And don'tforget icecream.

BERNIE:Ah, here's a dilemma–chocolate or vanilla? HELEN:Both! BERNIE:That a girl.

MARTHA (groggily):Did someone say ice cream? MARTHA:Skits is inconsiderate.

He eats food off the table.

Martha is considerate.

She always waits to be fed.

Skits is inconsiderate.

He digs holes in the garden.

Martha is considerate.

She never digs.

Skits is inconsiderate.

He plays outside and tracks mudthrough the house.

Martha is considerate.

If she's muddy,she always wipes her feet.

So, what do you think? I thinkit's inconsiderate of you to blame all that on Skits.

(Skits barking)Oh.

I'm sorry for beingso inconsiderate! (Skits panting) Skits, would you be kind enoughto accept my sincere apology? (barking) I was afraid you'd say that.

Two pieces of art with twovery different messages.

Did you catch all of the wordsabout dilemmas and delights? Let's see them again.


It means to be kind and thinkabout other people's feelings.

What a dilemma.

If by dilemma you meana big, big problem, then, yeah, thisis a dilemma.

How do I solve it? I regret doing that, which meansI wish I hadn't done it.

We hopeyou enjoyed our little exhibit.

See you next time.

Huh? ♪ Who's that dog? ♪ ♪ Who's that dog? ♪ ♪ Dog, d-d-dog, d-dog.

♪ That dog is Casey.

Casey works for my dad.

My dad's a farmer.

She's a farmer's helperthat's a dog.

She catches mice.

And rabbits.

She scares away birds.

(Casey barks) Casey learned to not walkin the beds.

Sometimes she'll workand sometimes she'll play.

She's that dog.

♪ ♪ Dog, d-d-dog, d-dog.


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