Rauschenberg gallery design continues: Linen vs. tarp | AT THE MUSEUM

Rauschenberg gallery design continues: Linen vs. tarp | AT THE MUSEUM

Charlie: Oh.


Not so much.

I was thinking… this is like too much.

Leah: Too much draping? Charlie: Mhmm.

Leah: Yeah, I think we can’t do that.

Charlie: Yeah, and I just wonder about a heavierweight fabric so that it could hang but not drape at the same time.

Like canvas or something.

Mack: This hangs pretty well.

Charlie: I know.

But it doesn’t do anything.

I mean, it might as well be tight if you’redoing that.

I don’t know… Aaron: You’re looking for some texture.

Charlie: Maybe what I’m imagining doesn’texist in reality.

I don’t know.

I mean, the more I’ve thought about it Ithink that just a simple… Leah: …hanging but stiffer cloth? Charlie: Hanging… a non-stretched cloththat’s not… doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be stretched.

That’s sort of a tall order, I don’t know… Leah: Yeah, I kind of have a vision of thattoo.

Like a tarp, with grommets almost? That you can imagine that you would suspendwith the grommets and it would feel like heavy? Mack: Then we could hang it off the wall,or we could hang it off the ceiling.

Leah: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, I mean so the issue is reallywhat should the scale be relative to the other works, and then what… I was thinking that the image would be smallerthan this in relation… I don’t know.

Originally I thought it was kind of goingto be small, but maybe that’s wrong.

Leah: I think we should use space here.

Partly because we’re going to have a benchhere.

It’s captivating.

The scale of the gull piece is big here.

I don’t think it should be small.

Charlie: The minute you put a moving imageup, you know, you want to give a lot of space to the other things.

Leah: I think that’s okay.

Charlie: No, I think it’s fine too.

I just don’t want to… Leah: I know what you’re doing.

You’re being respectful.

But I think this feels good as you’re walkingin.

And then if there’s a bench you’ll sitthere.

Charlie: And then the Brazos River is overhere? Leah: Brazos Rivers is actually in this cornerhere.

Is this the monitor you’re planning on using? Mack: Well that’s one.

We have another.

Leah: I wonder if that feels like it’s maybeone notch too big for that wall? What do you think? I mean, I can live with it if you think it’sright.

Mack: What’s the smaller option? Like twenty inches? Aaron: The smaller is like nineteen inches,yes.

Leah: A lot smaller.

Charlie: That would be too small.

Leah: Yeah, okay.

Stick with it then.

Mack: What we can look at… We can’t embed, but we can build somethingwhite, you know we can make like a white fascia for it that will cover it.

Charlie: Instead of the black? That’s what we talked about.

Mack: Because I think part of why it’s sobig is all of that.

And if that were white it would feel… Leah: It would feel a little less big on thewall.

Mack: A little less giant… And you want to be able to see it.

Again, the bench is going to be kind of inthe middle….

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