Sale-A-Bration Masking Technique with A Happy Thing

Sale-A-Bration Masking Technique with A Happy Thing


I am thrilled to be with you today totalk to you about one of my favorite sets in the Sale-A-Bration brochure.

I love the A Happy Thing Stamp Set.

This is one of the sets that youcan earn during Sale-A-Bration with a qualifying order.

So make sure youget that catalog out, take a look at things so that you can earn this set.

I lovethat we have a couple of different images that you can use with Blendabilites.

I think it's just so much fun to becreative with them, and I think it's so much fun.

I love the card that wascreated with this.

I wanted to show you how to createthe layered look that we have because obviously there's only one lemon and we want to have a whole branchof them.

So I'm going to set this aside and this aside.

I've already pulled the lemon stamp out of there.

What you need in orderto do masking, you need to have an image that you'vecut out that's an exact replica of the stamp.

We usually use for this a very thinpaper, I don't recommend tissue paper.

It's more like typewriter paper.

It's not cardstock.

Cardstock is a little bit too heavy and you don't get the look that you want.

Soyou have to stamp that and then cut it out.

I've already stamped one image.

If you look at this, its going to be this one that's on top.

The next one I'm' going to stamp is the one to the side and then I'll stamp this one that's underneath it.

The first thing I need to do ismask this current image off because I don't want to stamp on top of it.

If you want to be really confident youcan put a little bit of adhesive on there.

I usually don't get that fussyabout it.

I'm just going to ink that up withmy Memento Ink pad because we're going to use Blendabilities.

I want to layer this lemon down a little and even though I'm stamping it on top it's going to look like its beneath the lemon that was on top of it.

Yup, it is magic.

I hope that's exactly howyou feel.

Now we are going to do one more to the side so I'm going to move my mask over here.

Let me ink this up again.

This one I want to be up just a little bit higher so I'm just going to pull him up about right here.

You can see that I've got a cluster of lemons.

There are lots of videos aboutblending with Blendabilities.

Basically, my biggest tip is I alwaysstart with light and then go to dark.

My feeling is youcan always make it darker but you can't makeit lighter.

I actually usually leave an entire section without any color.

So that's just my one layer.

I can'tleave you unfinished with this.

So let's just add another layer in there going back through here and of course I'mgoing to do this with all of my layers of lemon.

Now I know there lemons, although I do like a good pear.

Alright and then the dark, I'm really just going to use very, very little of it.

Mostly just to accent.

Then of course I can go back in back to my lightest and pull some more of that color in if I want too.

I feel like I've got a little too much white in there.

I'm just going to repeat that with myother three lemons and I'm going to have a card that looksjust like that and deserves to be in a Sale-A-Bration brochure.

I hope you love this stamp set and you'll do everything you can to earn it.

Thanks for tuning in today.


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