SPECIAL REPORT! Flesk Publications’ Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event

SPECIAL REPORT! Flesk Publications’ Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event

I'm Mandy Roncalio-Meyer, and this is an ElfQuest Collectors Guide Special Report! during the weekend of April 21st to the 23rd, Flesk Publications held their annual Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event in Kansas City, Missouri, and our very own on-the-scene reporter Amber Payne was there to document the event.

let's go to her now! Amber? Down there! yeah! Where is the Flesk booth? Good Luck, Amber! Don't get lost! i think the Flesk booth was on the bottom floor.

*gasp* guys! I found it! i found the Flesk! Here it is! Flesk! *man off-camera*you do know that they're speaking downstairs right now? I do, I missed most of the panel as far as I know.

*man off-camera* no, they just– they're just starting! they're just starting?! okay! do you know where there's an elevator? i have to go find one! *Mandy in the Studio* Go Kitling, Go! Down, down, down, down.

I hate elevators.

I-I have a phobia of them, but I have to get downstairs! Excuse me, can you point me to the Panel with Richard and Wendy Pini? *off-camera* it's over there.

it's over– ok, i'm going the wrong way! Whew! I have to take a–i have to take a Selfie with Captain Mal! isn't he hot? Hmmmm, Captain Mal! i found the panel! talk to you guys later! hello everybody! we're here at the Art Spectrum, trying to get tickets and wristbands and it's not quite working.

it is pretty awesome! so far, what i can see of it.

enjoy the panel Amber, and we'll see you afterwards! in other news, the next art book from Flesk Publications is due to ship any day now, and– mmm-hmm mmm-hmm.

i just got word that Amber has finished watching the panel, and she's back on the exhibition floor! let's see what she's up to! not getting into too much trouble, are you, Amber? i just went to the Panel, and afterwards i met Wendy and Richard for, like– literally two minutes! but I was– OH MY GOSH! I was so jittery! and I was apologetic, because i was in Richard's way.

i hope they didn't think i was like a Superfan or anything! I'm still blushing, as you can see! along with my–my makeup! my Mer-Elf inspired make-up– *sing-songy* SORRY people! is there a ramp over here? there might be.

oh, there is a– better yet, there's an elevator! *Fangirling!* OHMYGOSH!! i met Wendy and Richard!! *Fangirl-squeals* i am so– oh my gosh!! EEEEEEE!!!! nobody can hear me in here.

ok well.

there's a– the sign here says "PRESS HARD" and i was, and it wasn't working– oh my gosh! i met Wendy and Richard! *Gasp and Dry Fangirl Squeal* ok, nevermind.

um– no, no, no, no, no-no, no-no, no, i need to go UP! i need to go UP! *toddler-Richie off-camera* up! Come on, i need to go up! no I don't need to go down! maybe some nice person will help me.

oh my god, what if it's Richard and Wendy? I wasn't trying to bump into you! i was trying to press the button! *Wendy Pini, Off-camera* you can relax, honey! I know– I just–*Wendy continues* there's all sorts of coincidences! I know just after–and I am recording but A-A–Mandy's husband gonna edit this out after.

oh! come on Little Richard! sorry, i've got my own Richard tagging along! *quietly* oh my gosh! i just ran into them again! i have to find my mom! ohmygosh–ohmygosh–ohmygosh.

i need to find my mom.

Mom! hi–i–i- *Amber's sister, talking indistinctly off-camera* *rushed excited voice* I–I–I–talked to them after the panel, and i wasn't trying to bump into them in the elevator, 'cause i was trying to get up here, but the elevator wasn't working, and the doors opened again and *continues indistinctly* and i'm fangirling, and they told me, "Calm down.

" i'm trying to! *Amber off-camera* do you mind being in a YouTube video? *off-camera* no.

*Amber* you don't mind? okay, well you're going to be one of my interviewees.

this is Piper Payne, she's my sister.

um– I've got questions for you, Miss Piper.

Amber: do you like ElfQuest? Piper: Of COURSE!Amber: and who is your favorite character? i'm gonna say.

i like Skywise! you like Skywise? well thank you Miss Piper Payne, for being part of this interview! you will be on YouTube! hopefully! this is Amber, leaving the art spectrum and heading home! but all-in-all, a great show! um– recorded the panel what I could, and I am signing off, and I will see you guys later! bye! bye Mandy! wonderful! it looks like you had a "Fan-Spastic" time at the Flesk Publications' Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event, Amber! thanks for your wonderful report! that's it for this ElfQuest Collector's Guide Special Report! I'm Mandy, signing off and saying Shade and Sweet Water and Happy Hunting! BYYYEEEE!! it looks like you had a "Fan-Spastic" time at the Flesk Publications' Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event! hope– blurblurblah! where was hope? where was hope coming from? hope! there's so much hope! let's all have hope! *sing-songy, opera-style* HOOOOPPPE!!.

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