Stamp Your Nails Perfectly! | DIY, Hacks, Tips & Tricks For Nail Art Stamping!

Stamp Your Nails Perfectly! | DIY, Hacks, Tips & Tricks For Nail Art Stamping!

Hello Friends, This is me Leneha Junsu welcome to this week's video and this time i am doing a stamping nail art video to make your life easier with stamping.

Now, this is a Christmas edition and I'm using these a jelly stamper and one marshmallow Stamper to tell you how to use it now the first one is the christmas edition of course from born pretty i bought for this video now it has two stampers one is a flat one is 3d object one and of course it comes with a cap and the beautiful scrapers.

BPS has really increased the quality amazing i really love it now this is a marshmallow one and this is my favorite i swear i just love it and these are scrapers and if you can't find any cards then scrapers are really good are really flexible now coming to dip powders now these dip powders have really made lifeeasy if you do not have polishes you just have to dip your nails after curing and of course it's done with gel polish for the full video click above you can see the name obviously there so yeah that's how it is done now lets get start to the stamping i'm going to use these do beautiful plates which are also christmas edition and i love it seriously remove this well this and how it's done and obviously apply your polish and you can always see how we mix the colors like this and stamp now if you want to remove the polish from this plate and do not want your manicure know make your manicure fade away just use cotton claw here we are wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle and here it iss that something is left stamp back.

now this is another thing okay this is over mix the color on the plate ok time now one thing if you stamp and nothing comes right use a scotch tape and the whole thing will be removed no need to just destroy your manicure ok it's that easy z just scotch tape now we're going to do this another thing you can see how applying it mixing the colors damping add as one thing if you are not sure you can do it right just stab your nail inside the stabber it's that you can even use the regular polishes this is from Pakistan obviously not i'm using this to show you how it looks stamping from this angle ok now if you have already messed up your meal and you haven't replied the latest you can always apply this latex above it it will remove everything so you do not need to worry that ok now coming to the second one obviously you can do it like this tab and just tap don't wiggle it here marshmallows are not supposed to be riddle and that's how it looks right now i'm going to use it again see the 3d one and there we are we going on we go and there it is and let me do it again this is how and you could obviously Bob your nail again if you're not sure it's going to come over right now and always come down right stupid okay and then apply for good and obviously you're stamping it's done but how to remove the olympics now the electric system there and give somebody don't know it's not easy ok you can always remove it and everything just comes off yes because we'll be heading for signing up now thank you so much for watching and if you like but it's me use your mother to you love you bye.

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