Stampin’ Up! From The Herd Watercolor Technique

Stampin’ Up! From The Herd Watercolor Technique

Hey Stampers! Diane Dimich here with ddstamps.

ComToday I'm going to show you a really fun way to color in this using watercolorThe From the Herd stamp set.

This is a really cute card.

And I even stamped the inside and made that really cuteSo lets get started To begin with we'll use the From the Herdstamp set this is in Stampin Up's Occasions Mini Catalogavailable until June 2nd One of the things that kind of frustratedme was I love this and coloring it with Blendabilities but it did take a lot of timeThis weekend I spent a little time watercoloring with itand found an easy, easy way to do this, which doesn't take a lot of timeSo.

To begin with, we're going to start with that animal stamp and our VersaMark inkI'm going to go ahead and add VersaMark ink to the top of this stamp.

Get it all good and inked I'm going to come in with my embossing buddyand go ahead and put some embossing buddy on thereso that will get rid of the cling, the static Then I'm going to go ahead and stamp downYou want to make sure that you get good pressure because you want to make sure that all ofthe VersaMark ink transfers to the watercolor paperand then you're going to sprinkle this with black embossing powderI am going to get a sheet of paper to stick under here before I have a huge messthis way it'll capture all my fly away embossing powder, oops! Good thing I did that, huh?I don't really want to get embossing powder into my markersso there you go! Once you've got that done, you're going to make sure that you've gotthem all and then heat set itto melt the embossing (heat gun running in background)Once you have that heat embossed, you can see the great fine, image.

These have littlechannels that will help keep the watercolor into the areas that I want the color.

I'm going to go ahead and dump all this black embossing powder back into the jar.

I want to try and brush this off.

I don't want that into my markers.

So clean up that littlearea.

As you can see I've got lots of differentmarkers out here I just grabbed a bunch of different colorsThis is just a really easy way to watercolor.

You're going to go ahead and use an aqua painter.

These come in sets of 2.

This is the finer brush of the two.

You're going to go aheadand get that wet I'm going to start with the pig.

I'm goingto start with my lightest color pink.

I'm using an acrylic block as my paletteYou can't really see it on there.

I'm going to go ahead and get my pig wet to begin withI always start with my image wet.

Then when I come in with the color, you can see thatit starts to bleed and just making sure that I get the color onto the pig.

(coloring ) I'm going to try and keep their eyes whiteon all the animals so that they really show so there is the pig, painted.

Once you're done with that, you're going to take another piece of scratch paper and justcolor on a piece of paper until that is gone.

And then this block, I can go ahead and takethe ink off that This time I'm going to come in with the Yellowand I'm actually doing one color of each using the lightestI'll start with the bird here, I'll just add some water to the bird, and then pick up theink and go ahead and put – and what happens is that, the water that is already in thebird, with the ink color, it just kind of blends itself out, and just makes it reallyquick to color it in.

You don't have to stay in the lines, becauseit's watercolor.

It's not necessary to stay in the lines.

And then, wipe off that color.

This time I'm going to come in and do the goat.

I'll addsome grey and color in my goat.

(fast forward through the coloring – add waterto the image, ink to the block and then pick up the ink and add to image)This time I'm coming in with Crumb Cake.

We'll color in the Llama.

(Fast Forward throughColoring) Then we'll do the Chocolate Chip.

(Coloringthe Buffalo) So there is your first color down.

I'm goingto come in with a little of the Cherry Cobbler and I'm just going to add that to the bird,this goofy little bird up here.

I'll make him red so he stands out.

And then just a little bit of Calypso Coral is going to add to his beak.

There we go!Now, once you've done that, what you want to do is make sure that it's all dry.

It driesfairly quickly because you're just using a little bit.

Then come in and just do a littlebit of shading.

On the pig – this time I am using BlushingBride.

I'm going to put it on the watercolor paper, so hopefully you'll be able to seewhen the ink gets in there.

I'm going to wet it a little bit and then come in with thatdarker pink color and just do a little bit of shading.

You end up with a fun card thatreally doesn't take very long to shade and make.

Then I'm going to use a little bit of Crushed Curry to come in on the bird and let's justmake that bird just a little bit darker in some spots.

Stampin Up actually does shading lines on their stamps so you can actually just followtheir lead and put a little bit more color where the lines are.

This time I'm coming in with Basic Grey.

This Grey of mine is really dry, but it's goingto work fine for this goat.

I just going to bring in just a little bit more shading intohis fur.

You don't need a whole lot.

On the Llama we used Crumb Cake and this timewe're just going to add a little bit of Soft Suede ( She said So Saffron, but the Llamais shaded with Soft Suede) I'll get it a little wet where he would bedarker.

And then bring in that darker shade.

Quick, tho! How fun is that?Every card is going to look different, cuz every card is going to look like you handpainted it.

Last but not least I used this Chocolate Chip on the Buffalo, this time I'mgoing to come in with Cajun Craze and make parts of him a little redder.

So I'm goingto add some water to the fur here on the top of his body and then this hair piece he'sgot going on here.

I'm just going to come in a add a little bit of red and it'll kindof blend itself around.

Then – make his hair piece red.

That embossing holds the color into the areas that you want it.

It goes out of the linesin some places.

His little nose, I'm just going to bring in and blend that out.

There! Anyway.

Show you how you can do this – it'svery quick, it's very easy, this watercolor what I did with this particular card is Ibrought in the On Film framelits and that is what I'm going to use to cut that out.

That'll be the inside of my picture.

Before I do that, I'm going to take another pieceof Whisper White and I'm gong to lay this down here, because I want this to be the frame.

I want to know exactly where this is going to cut, so I just making some little pencillines for that I can see where that is going to be.

Then I can come in with the Happy Birthdaystamp from that same set.

Oops! if you want to get them straight, it's sometimes bestto just put them onto your mat and then pick them up on your block.

Go ahead and ink thisup.

I know that it is going to be in between that piece so I'm going to stamp Happy Birthdayand then when I lay this into my Big Shot and cut it out, I'm going to get that HappyBirthday down into the texture of that framelit.

The framelit has just a bit of texture atthe bottom of it, and with that Magnetic Platform I can actually align that up where my pencillines are and then lay this down, run it through the Big Shot.

We've got our Polaroid frame,ready to go, I'll pull this out.

Then you can just see how it's textured wherethe Happy Birthday is stamped.

Then we're going to lay this down, and thistime we're just cutting it out – OH! I forgot to do one thing!Before I cut this out, I forgot to do the sky!!!and the grass! So let's go back in and add water to whereever the grass is.

I'm just adding water in there.

And then again with the acrylic block,I'm going to come in.

I'm going to use Pear Pizazz (She said Certainly Celery), and pick up that ink andgo ahead and brush that in where the grass would be and that will kind of smear out andlook totally watercolored (coloring in grass) It's very light color.

And then I'm going to do the upper layer in a little Pool Party, and I'm just going togo where the sky would be.

Add some water and then come in with Pool Party.

See howit bleeds out? If you want darker color, you just need toadd more color.

Not so much water.

I got a little carried away with the water on thatone.

I'll pick up a little more ink.

You can do this with your ink pad, but I like thefact that I had lots of different marker colors and so ink pads or marker colors work withthis technique.

There we go! I feel better now.

So once you'vedone that, then you're going to take your framelit and you're going to line that upwhere you want it to be cut out.

it's going to cut it out and that is going to get (coughed!- Excuse me!) What I would do, is I would place the square first and then place thisover it.

It looks like I had it just a little bit crooked, but if you attach it here, toyour cardstock, and then this (frame) will fit right over the top of it and add thatwith adhesive.

and then you're – it's perfect! Anyway! Really fun technique, I hope you giveit a try! Thanks and have a great day!(music playing).

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