Sword Art Online Infinity Moment концовка с Асуной на русском

Sword Art Online Infinity Moment концовка с Асуной на русском

A remarkable achievement.

Kirito Heathcliff.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think you would like to see the final boss in this style Well, I can say that the final boss Ainkrada was defeated.

you are a winner Each of you will now be able to return to the real world But what about you.

Heathcliff? I was pobezhden.

Tak I am the creator, I still can talk to you.

I have to stay zdes.

V Otherwise I'll have to break the rules of the SAO, which I wrote, and to deny this is the world I created Goodbye.

I am sincerely glad that you came into this world All of you have given what was in my Keeping.

It is true that this world exists inside the game But for us it was a different reality Uslyshannoe.

Ochen means a lot to me.

Thank you tebe.

Kirito Futures message for all players The game is currently translated in a mandatory administrative regime.

All monsters and items are disabled The game has been passed We did it.

We really did it! Floating Fortress begins to fall in Silica that light! so bright What color? What do you mean? Everything fades.

O-She's gone! Anyone else have a concern? Perhaps the players started off back in the real world You know.

it's got to the point that we have been playing The battle with the boss really was hell, but we overcame this fight You're right.

it's crazy to see how the world goes nowhere I'm not sure when it happened, but before I knew it, Ainkrad became for me a real home.

I had a lot of fun here.


I also understand you Kirito.

A lot has happened.

Fought together.

laughing and crying.

It was the best time of my life, and no matter what happened in the game I feel the same way.

A lot has happened.

We're not going to change, even if the return to the real world is not it? I believe that we have built this world.

Of course.

I will not change, even if the return to the real world.

I will always love you Asuna.

Thank you.

Kirito I love you too I'll look for you when I get back to reality I'll wait I'll wait forever But if you're late I'll look for you *laugh* Something is wrong? Nothing, I just know that Do not know your real name However, I'm still deeply in love with you.

No, the game is really fun Yes, it verno.

Poryadok really different compared to reality Please tell me your name now in the real world My name kirigami Kazuto I am 16 years old.



My name is Yuuki Asuna, I'm 17 Thank you Kazuto I'll never forget the time we spent together We extend our relationship after the return to reality, Asuna Yes The remaining players in the 6000 SAO able to return to the real world We are waiting for the rehabilitation of days, as soon as we return back to reality It was really hard to rebuild my muscle strength after returning to everyday life Even so.

I was able to go '' up '' with the restoration, because I thought about finding my friends I felt the hard reality is that I'm back in my own home after rehabilitation in hospital The dilemma I was relieved to be back, and complications that can not return to the SAO Sword Art Online This deadly game that die of players in the game is a real death in reality Kayaba Akihiko, who created the game now will be remembered as a criminal in the world After the incident, the visit from the police, I heard that Kayaba was found dead, in a small village in the mountains, Nagano Prefecture but he was already dead before he was found The log '' NERvGear '' died during scanning helmet brain from its current toasting But what is the date of death neizvestno- Akihiko Kayaby Calculation of time smetri and playing time has been cleared, the path to the 100 floors of the fight Kayaba was already dead at the time, when fighting with me on the floor 75 So how to actually Kayaba fought with us on 100 floor.

? At the last moment Kayaba said the world SAO was his only reality Is it possible that Kayaba had found a way to keep yourself on the network and to discard his physical body I think that it is possible for Kayaby to do so, since he created SAO.

'' Alberich '', in other words Nobuyuki EASB is currently questioned by police Certificate from me and Asuna, and recording of contact between EASB and people from other countries Based on the evidence, the study has been conducted to explain the events occurring during VRMMO Surely EASB annulled a contract with the LECT Company and talk about marriage with Asuna were also canceled But.

it really is a deadly game, which was created by Kayaba? Is Kayaba did not want to just create a different reality inside the computer, which will be different from our reality? In this case, it makes me think that perhaps the main objective of this game is not to clean it What did Kayaba, can not be forgiven at all But in a world created Kayaboy, I have met and spent time with great friends.

All of this irreplaceable memories We must continue to live with these important memories in reality.

together with my fellow Goodbye.

Sword Art Online Kirito, hurry up! Good good This species, which I wanted to show Kirito.

just a place you surprised? No, it's a good place.

This calming view, which is not often seen in real life Indeed? I'm glad you liked it! This kind of, I often see a very young age Oh, it's so.

Yes We may feel that we are back to reality That's right.

We need to see a lot of places such as this, together It's right.

Come together create memories of similar SAO SAO.

so much has happened.

Such a game can not be passed until the end, even if we beat the last boss 75 floors It's really awful is that I could not return to the ground floor when I came to the 76 floor But we have a lot of memories together on the floor 76, for example naked apron YOU do not remember it! oh, we walked around the city looked like a pair For me it's dark history Why? This new Kirito not in black And the wedding ceremony.

That's right, I was happy, then Yes.

I was also very happy Hey.

What happened to Yui and "Strea" after.

? Yui and "Strea".

(Generally speaking, it is the memory (data), they can be worn together with the SAO) (However, it is strange that.

I do not feel that they are gone) I can not really feel that these two gone.

Hmm? Something not so Kirito? Your face looks strange.


Ya thought the same thing True?!.

Hehe! Ahaha! We really husband and wife Yes, we.


We will show this kind of Yui and "Strea" too Of course.

I do not know if it takes 10 or 20 years to accomplish this but the four of us will definitely come to look at this kind of Something is wrong? Hmm.

after 10 years.

then we will not 4.

There might be more.


our entire family.


I promise.

We'll be back here family Yes.

Asuna I love you, Kirito.

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