The Art of Spychecking [SFM]  (RUS) – TF2 (RUS)

The Art of Spychecking [SFM] (RUS) – TF2 (RUS)

Oh yeah! Opa! You're with me, doctor.

Uh, hello.

Holy MONOCULUS! This physician – a spy! Forward! Kill him! Spy? Forward! Spy! Take it, guys! And that, I have to defend myself point? Yes! Surprise! Ahead of a spy! Spies.

We failed.

People, each of you has failed.

One of you – a spy! Blunt, damn spies! No! Who of you fools tried to kill us? Sniper! If you're a spy, you do not want to be in my beloved battlefield! Shut bread room, you drongo marinated (name of a bird).

Ha! You deroshsya as.


A son.




Canadian kangaroo! * All * ohreneli Well, one.

Well, hold on, bitch! * Oshibochka out * Okay.

You! I have 3 words for you: demolition a spy! What is, horseradish? This is not true! Yes! You.


the devil! gi.

* Burp * Heck.

* Take a look at the face demolition * * Bombing * Words can not describe how much I hate France right now! * Fly * Scout! You are a spy! Can you say something funny, a practical joker? * Fly * I – a doctor, so I can say.

Quiet, Fritz! You can not hide forever, spy.

* Enough to interrogate the body * Soldier! Scout is dead! You're dead, all right, amen.

This corpse to be removed, ladies! * Sorry * corpse You're not real arsonist, is not it, komrad? * Mumble * The last words out of your mouth are "I am a spy.

" You understood me? * Bombing * Spy, come here, my sweet.


What a Communist? You! *I?* Yes, you! Or what? Heavy thrust you a bullet in the mouth.

Well look.

Yay! Okay.

Spy, I have a good feeling.

Come on, I do not have all day.

* Oops * Spy! * Heart * Morons! * Kapets threw all * Oh-ho-ho-ho, you have surpassed! Oh, soldier.

Block! Your white flag does not stop American bullets! You're ten pounds of shit in.

I'm tired of playing games, guys! * Slept * The soldier – a spy! What? No! I am American! * Poor a soldier * *May be enough?* * How you clip does not end? * Well, it's done.

Anxiety! Enemy captures our reference point! * Oops * Sas.

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