The Struggles Every Artist Knows

The Struggles Every Artist Knows

OK, I got my tripod, back pack, camera bag.

Savethis, no don't crash, don't crash, don't crash.

Where'd my eraser go? Okay, where's my pencil?Oh, there's my eraser.

OH you're going to the art store? No, I don't really need anything,but I'm probably just going to buy half the store anyways.

New sketchbook! Oh my god,I just ruined it.

There's no more room in here! Sorry, sorry.

I could totally buy acintiq, I just couldn't have food for the next month.

Damn it.

Oh, I drew with contea week ago, it doesn't really wash out.

No, it says file corrupted, again, remind me whyI don't save more than one version? What do you mean there's no more space left? I havethe best idea.

Uh, how do I draw that? Society doesn't get us.

Why do all the dead artistsget all the attention? It's not like they need it anymore.

The irony.

And post.

Oh mygod, there's a mistake in it.

No, not again! The eyes don't match.

I should've made thatbigger.

I should've made that smaller.

I smudged everything.

I would wear nicer clothes, butthey'd just get ruined anyway.

Hand cramp! So when I draw in my sketchbook I suck, butwhen I draw on scrap pieces of paper I'm amazing.

Why can I draw so much better in math classthan in art class?My back!How am I going to take this on the subway? Why do all the bestideas come to me, when I'm about to fall asleep? Well, I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Icould draw the hands, or I could just cover them up.

I swear nobody cares that I can drawuntil there's a group assignment.

I could wash my brushes, or I could just buy new ones.

I'm running out of fingers to smudge with.

Oh my god, her art's so much better than mine.

And she's half my age? I give up.

Oh hey, are you a sharpie? because you're ultra fine.

Sorry, I had to put that in.

The struggle is real.

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I did my eyebrows for you guys, so that jut shows you how much I care.

Virtual hugs!.

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