Tuto nail art Flower Power : look floral pour l’été !

Tuto nail art Flower Power : look floral pour l’été !

Hi, I'm Rita Remark, Essie nail artist to Pro and today I'll show you a summer manicure that is simply adorable, I call it "Flower Power".

To create this nail art easily, you will use some tools.

The first is a "dotting tool" special nail art.

Or, use a hairpin.

Make sure that the dotting tool is double-sided and has a slightly larger side than the other.

Also, we will need a paddle.

I will use a small aluminum foil square.

I have already applied a coat of Essie First Base Pro on my nails.

The base provides better stability over time of my nail polish.

Let's start with the first color, "Turquoise & Caicos" Essie Pro.

A beautiful blue tropical water! For the petals of my flower, I chose "White" Essie.

I'll pour a few drops on my palette to better dispose of my color.

With the wide side of my dotting tool, I'll start building my flowers.

Imagine creating a 5-pointed star.

In terms of the location of each flower, ensure that each nail is different.

Now that our flowers have petals, we will create the center.

black lacquer used "Licorice" Essie Pro.

I'll add a few drops to my palette.

To these points, I use the fine side of dotting tool and gently, I will fill the center of each flower.

Make sure when your polish is dry, apply a layer of top coat Essie your favorite Pro and your nail art is now ready! It's adorable, a great tribute to the 60 colorful and I know you'll love it as much as me!.

Source: Youtube